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The Breakup

It’s here – another Monday and another week full of possibilities! I’ve always felt that Jan-Mar drags so it’s exciting that we’re almost half way through the month. 🙂

The brutally cold temps finally lifted and we’ve been hovering in the 30-33 temp range the last couple of days. Ben and I were out running errands Friday night and in the time it took to run inside and grab some things from the store, we were caught in the very beginning of the icy mix falling down. The parking lot was a slick mess and we were shuffling cautiously back to the car. The news said that from 4:30pm Friday to 5:30am Saturday they had over 100 reports of cars that slid off the road. Scary! Here’s one about a mile from our house:


Can you see all of the ice on the road in front of the car? Everyone in town has their own skating rink instead of a driveway!

Our Toastmasters officer training was cancelled as a result, which was probably the right move. What’s funny was that we had just had a Toastmasters meeting for our club at work and one of the girls was talking about when she lived in Alaska and was describing “breakup” to us. Alaska has a long stretch where it’s dusky almost 24 hours a day. The temps are cold and they get a TON of snow. But then, one day, the sun is back and the temps warm up and seemingly overnight the snow begins to melt in waves. This is called “breakup season”. The people in the towns will spend a few weeks prepping in advance – using bags of sand to encourage the water to flow away from houses. She said some people will get 3-4″ of water running down their streets, can you believe it??

Alaska breakup. Photo credit alaskajuliens

I spent the weekend watching all the US Nationals figure skating coverage. You may not know, but I’m a huge figure skating fan and have followed the sport closely since the ’94 Olympics. Since the ’14 Olympics are just around the corner (queue excitement!), I enjoyed watching the US skaters and see who would make it on the team for Sochi.

We have a cute little Mexican restaurant tucked into a strip mall close to our house. I’m not sure why we don’t go there more often because it’s so close and cheap – and I love their tacos. We decided to venture there this weekend since neither of us was feeling like cooking.

Ben got a burrito with spanish rice, beans, and a queso sauce.


I went with tacos!


I got one hard and one soft taco with some fire-roasted corn and spanish rice. The meal was delicious! They had the NFL playoffs on their TV and the typical Mexican music was replaced with the TV broadcast. Every single guy was positioned on the side of the table facing the TV screen. It was hilarious. After 30 seconds of staring at Ben engrossed in the screen, I told him to scoot over and we hunched into one side of the booth so we both could watch. 🙂

Ben went skiing yesterday and I stayed home working through my Accounting homework. It was harder than I thought it would be for a week 1 effort, but I got it done. Hopefully that’s not a sign of a rough semester ahead!

The forecast is saying 3-5″ of snow tomorrow. YIKES! I might have to sweet-talk Ben into driving me to work tomorrow. I’m not feeling like driving through a snowstorm.

Is there an official countdown to Spring going on yet? 😉 Have a great day everyone!!


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  1. This winter is getting old FAST. We still have our share of ice in the roads.

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