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When Niagara Falls Freezes Over

Freaky photos show frozen Niagara Falls. (Reuters)


It is absolutely crazy to read about how part of Niagara Falls froze over during this icy blast of deliciousness we’ve experienced. I walked out this morning to shoo a rabbit away from my plants (short-lived triumph, I assure you) and it was almost, dare I say, warm! Amazing what 20 degrees and less wind will do for you. 🙂

My Core Power winner is MIA, so as promised, I did another number generator and the new winner is:

corepower winner

Nikki – please email me your new address so I can get this on its way to you. Congratulations!!

I made it through my first week back in school. Only 22 more classes to go 😉

The rabbits are all over the place again. It’s crazy because I didn’t see any for MONTHS this Fall and all of a sudden they are everywhere and eating everything. I put a few traps out but then brought them in. I like moving them to a new location far, far away, but I’m not sure what they would do in the cold… So I’m thinking of getting chicken wire and beginning the long and tedious process of wrapping it around all my shrubs and bushes. Doesn’t that sound like a nice weekend project? Ugh!!

Next house will need to be strictly rabbit-free!

We went to Schlotzky’s for dinner last night and I got their classic turkey sandwich on sourdough. Whenever we go out for fast-food (which is rare, we’re more sit-down restaurant people) I’m always amazed that the prices for fast food are just as expensive as sit-down meals! When did that happen? My sandwich and pickle spear was over $8 with tax. Some classmates were saying that “value meals” at McDonalds are now around that as well.


Ben has my car today so he can take it in for an oil change. His office is so close to the dealership and if I went, it would be a 30min drive each way. So… I’m going to be trying to drive his Jeep around. I’ll admit, it’s weird being so high up off the ground when you’re used to a low car. I’m itching to get through work so I can get my pedicure and facial (first week school treats!) and then buckle down and crank out my Accounting homework. Since I’ll be gone tomorrow for the Toastmasters training, I need to whip through it today. Hopefully week 1 won’t be too terrible.

The plan is to hit the gym either tonight or tomorrow night. I’m bummed my Saturday morning BodyPump class isn’t being offered this quarter, so I’m going to try and hit the Tuesday class right after work. I have a feeling I’m going to be a very busy bee!

Have a great weekend!!


2 Responses

  1. I haven’t been to Schlotzky’s in years! We used to go all the time when we lived in IL. They don’t have them out east (up in tiny town, any way).

    The pictures from the polar vortex – or whatever the name is – have been stunning, haven’t they?

  2. Just saw your email…responding now 🙂 So excited!!

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