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3 Days of No School

I can’t recall there ever being a time when local schools were closed two days in a row and today makes day #3. There are always snow days each year (the schools build 2 days into their schedules) but living up in Snowland, it’s more common to see a 2 hour delay as they clear the roads up. It takes a particularly large snowstorm to shut things down for a full day. But things are different with snow then they are with the temps. Today appears to be the last day though and my thermometer reads -7 this morning compared with -18 yesterday and -14 the day before. So, we’re almost done.

At least it seems like we’re not alone – most of the country seems to have been hit in some fashion with this icy blast to welcome in the New Year.

today's weather

I had Ben drive me into work yesterday and got the blissful experience of walking straight into an already-warm car. Ben joked that it looked a bit like an elementary school with the full line of cars waiting to pick people up. I heard a lot of folks say their cars wouldn’t start yesterday. I’m thankful for my garage. I’ll be thankful again if I can get home tonight without another chug/wheeze car experience.

Today is the first night of class for my final semester. I’m going to admit that I’m feeling withdrawn from the process and more than a little checked out. Sometimes I can’t believe I stuck with the 2 1/2 years – it seemed like this would never end – and now that I’m seeing the finish line, I don’t even want to step foot inside the classroom. I have an Accounting class tonight and then a Productions & Operations MGMT class tomorrow. That’s right, back-to-back nights of classes. This should be interesting. Hopefully I’ll learn a thing or two that I may actually use. I guess I occasionally get jaded feeling like I’m spending my time/money on things that I’ll never use.

I’m bribing myself week 1 with a pedicure on Friday if I make it through classes tonight and tomorrow night. Funny how stuff like that still works as an adult. 😉

We found a bulk foods store in town that opened a few weeks ago. It was pretty cool. They buy everything in bulk and re-package it into smaller portions, so you get things on a huge discount. Not everything seemed like it was a good deal, but I found a few things that I am pretty excited about.

My bounty:


Three pounds of steel cut oats for 99 cents a pound. I’m kinda excited to try these “veggie chips”. They are just sliced vegetables dehydrated and salted. I think there’s some oil in there too.


Kinda blurry but there’s green beans, sweet pots, beets, potatoes, squash – lots of different things. Should be fun to give it a try!

Warmer weather hits this weekend and brings snow! I hope it’s not too much and that things are clear for Monday. I keep saying, I’ll take the cold any day over trecherous roads. 🙂

FL brother

With school getting going again, I also need to sit down this weekend and start meal planning. Since there’s two nights in a row that I’ll have to quickly eat and dash off to class, we need to plan ahead so it doesn’t end up being totally unhealthy. Plus, I need to figure out some workable gyms schedule so I can get in exercise while juggling classes, homework, and work. Good stuff to figure out.

Stay warm folks. I’m hoping things warm up for everyone tomorrow and not just us!


2 Responses

  1. I am so over winter already. I saw that same map on FB, only it had a lot of F words in it LOL!

  2. Those are my FAVORITE veggie chips! They’re sooooo good! I can’t believe the process doesn’t include sugar… maybe it does? Also, they really seem too crisp not to be fried. Let me know what you think.

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