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The Polar Vortex

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Here’s a new phrase for you: “Polar Vortex”. I feel my vocabulary expanding already! The entire town was buzzing with projections that yesterday’s Packer game would rival the coldest temps every played at Lambeau Field. While it was downright chilly (between 5 and 3 degrees most of the game), it wasn’t as cold as the legendary Ice Bowl. Hard to believe!

The Packer game ended pretty much the way I had expected but much closer than my original projections. The playoff game felt like a gift considering the way the middle of the season went and now, hopefully, the Pack can focus on some glaring issues in the off season and do more next year. So I’ll turn my pom-poms in the direction of Peyton Manning for the rest of the season. Alex is a huge fan so we’re all rallying behind Denver now.

Packer-backers watching the game:



(You have to love the mountains of pillows and blankets trying to stay warm)

I snapped a photo of Ben’s cheese and sausage plate. Who knew the boy could be artistic?! 😉


As cold as it was yesterday, it’s even colder today. The temps outside said -13 and the HIGH today is supposed to hit -11. Oh, and there’s this delightful breeze that makes everything pack even a bit more punch. It’s an extra icy slap in the face. I’m making Ben put the garbage can out by the curb this morning. Ha!

All the area schools are closed and several businesses as well. I’m not sure I understand closing the businesses though, especially when they are all office jobs. Heck, Alex will be out pushing carts for the local grocery store and I’m kinda thinking that if they allow him to do that, then people should be OK to drive in. Honestly though, if you’re out buying groceries, just grab enough to carry. Don’t make some poor fellow have to trapse out and recover your cart for you!

Tomorrow the temps rise to -2. Lovely! By the end of the week we’re in the upper 20s and maybe even hit the 30s. I suspect people will be out with their shorts then – it will feel like Spring in comparison.

I’m relishing in these last few days before school starts up. I scanned the syllabus for each class and am not entirely excited about getting back to devoting 2 nights a week to classes and the weekends for homework. Maybe I should start the official countdown to the end of the semester already, LOL.

Oh – finally, I’m well on my way towards my January goal of hitting the gym five times. I went to BodyPump on Thursday and then went to BodyFlow on Saturday. It was actually a really nice BodyFlow class – with not as much stuff that hurts my wrists.

Keep warm everyone. Drink coffee / hot chocolate / tea / whatever keeps you warm!


2 Responses

  1. I thought about you guys when the Packers lost at the end. I had Aaron Rogers on my fantasy team for this week (since Peyton wasn’t playing).

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