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2014 Goals

Go me! I typed “2014” correctly the first time! Usually I get stuck typing the previous year for the first couple weeks.

It’s amazing how quickly all the festivities go by. The day after Christmas all the radio stations were back to playing their usual tunes and my neighbors were taking their Christmas lights down. We’re leaving all our stuff up for another couple weeks. That, and it’s way too cold to be outside unless you absolutely have to!

We rang in the New Year with a group of friends for dinner and games. Our wonderful host put together a whopping shmorgesboard of delicious goodies. I made a pan of cookie dough brownies to contribute as well:


We had chicken salad sandwiches, grapes, chips & salsa, homemade bruschetta,


a wide variety of crackers and dips…


homemade dipped peanut butter balls, rice krispie crunch bars, and cashew covered white chocolate,


and some absolutely delicious frozen drinks!


The orange one was a peach bellini – ice cubes, fresh peaches, and champagne

The brown was coffee, frozen vanilla pudding cubes, cocoa, and baileys

The green was a grasshopper – and my favorite drink of the night. This was ridiculously delicious!

There was plenty of silliness and laughter, the perfect combination for ringing in a New Year.

Now I’m heading back to work today and it feels like a Monday. I had to make a list so I don’t forget anything I need to pack. It’s funny how you lose that “groove” so quickly. I am eternally greatful that it’s a short work week allowing me to ease back into the real world.

I took a look at my 2013 goals and it’s funny how things change over the course of a year:


  1. Attend 20 BodyCombat classes
  2. Attend 20 BodyPump classes
  3. Walk/jog/wog 225 miles
  4. Bike 225 miles
  5. Complete 4 more classes towards my MBA
  6. Complete one monthly goal each month
  7. Run/walk my Sept 5K and beat last year’s time

I didn’t count my Combat classes but I know I hit 18 Pump classes – so pretty close there. I didn’t come anywhere close to the 225 miles biking, walking, jogging, or whatever. The diet pretty much killed exercise. I did complete 4 MBA classes. I totally failed on creating monthly goals and, finally, I didn’t do the Sept 5K – but Ben and I did a 5K in Oct and I walked it.

However, I lost weight. Whooo! 🙂



If I could only make one goal in 2014, it would be this one. The dress needs to fit, so I have my work cut out for me here!

2. Complete final 2 MBA classes and graduate

Classes start NEXT week. I can hardly believe it. I don’t feel ready but it’s good to get the ball rolling.The sooner I start, the sooner I finish

3. Set and complete a monthly goal

I’m terrible at this and there’s so many things I want to do that I feel a monthly goal is still better than tossing out a bunch of goals and not remembering and sticking with any. I’m hoping setting something each month will help.

With that being said, my January goal is to hit the gym FIVE times. It’s not a ton but it’s more than I’ve done in the last 5 months. I think it’s good to ease back in, and this will force me to go once a week even with school.

And with that, I’m off for work. Happy New Year and stay warm. It’s freezing around here!


2 Responses

  1. That spread looks amazing! You know I like doing the monthly goals. Yes, I have yearly ones, but the monthly ones focus me just a little better and can be really specific (like eating more vegges!).

    We are cold here as well – in the midst of Hercules as well. Sigh.

  2. great goals! Such a big year ahead 🙂

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