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The Weather Outside was Frightful

Here we go!!! It’s just TWO days until Christmas!!! Eeek – I’m excited over here. Maybe I never grew up?

What a weekend… I had Friday off and booked back-to-back appointments for a chiropractic adjustment for my neck and then an hour long massage to work out the muscles in my neck and shoulder as well. I thought having the two appts together would be more beneficial and that it would be a relaxing way to start my vacation.


I think most of you know by now that I’m NOT a snow driver. Yes yes, I live in WI and snow is here 6 months out of the year BUT I absolutely fear driving on bad roads. So every fiber of my being was telling me to call and cancel. Determined to try and overcome my fears, I hopped into the car and white-knuckled. The normally 15 min drive took 50. Yes, I was that slow person in the slow lane going *gasp* 20 mph in the 25 mph area. No, I was not the truck that fishtailed all over the road ahead of me. No, I was not ANY of the people who drive Chevy Blazers. I’ve determined they are the most likely to tailgate me and cause me to panic and freak out that I’m going too slow (nevermind the accidents all over the roads from similar idiots going too fast).

It took her longer to adjust my neck because I was so tense and then my massage therapist said I should have done the massage first and THEN the chiro appt, so I did it all backwards. That was probably not the thing to say to a girl who risked her life to drive out in a snowstorm. Just say’in.

On the way home I stopped and got some Chinese take-out. It was two miles from home but I briefly considered asking for a fork in case I would up in a ditch and needed sustenance before the two truck found and rescued me. Luckily there was no such drama. I survived!!

Well-deserved chicken chow mein and beef with broccoli:



The rest of Friday was spent getting a head start on cookie baking! It was hilarious because everything that could have gone wrong baking went wrong – but after that horrible drive nothing phased me at all. I dropped egg shells in the cookie dough, I was pulling the plastic cover off the rum flavoring and plastic fell into the tiny opening of the bottle, I somehow spilled a cup of flour all over myself, the oven wasn’t set at the right temperature. Let me tell you, I was the picture of kitchen efficiency. Ha ha! Luckily all my cookies turned out marvelously.

I made Lori’s nutmeg logs and some chocolate chip cream cheese cookies. They were super easy to make – you just take a standard Toll House cookie recipe and swap an egg out for an 8oz package of cream cheese. Makes for a rich and softer cookie.



We brought our offerings over to the family and then helped them bake even MORE cookies on Saturday. When we arrived Alex was rolling the Russian tea cakes in powdered sugar.



When all was over, we were bursting with delicious cookies!



chocolate chip cream cheese cookies, hershey kiss cookies, no bake date balls, russian tea cakes, swedish cookies, and nutmeg logs. Way too much sugar and not nearly enough self-control. Somebody stop me! 🙂

The snow just wouldn’t stop and we hunkered down on Sunday watching a miserable Packer game and letting the snow pound down. Nothing beats a beautiful snowstorm though when you don’t have to be outside!!




(mid-way through the storm I went out to shovel around the garage doors and the sidewalk!)




Way too much snow!! Then again, we’ve yet to ever have a year without a White Christmas!

Ben and I are off to do Body Pump. It’s been months since I’ve been in the gym and I’m excited/nervous to see how it goes. Hopefully I can manage to hold the bar (lol). After that, I think we’ll see how bad the lines are at the theater and try and see the new Hobbit movie. Should be a wonderful day!!



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  1. Nutmeg logs!!!! Yum! I have dough chilling for eggnog cookies in the fridge right now. Too bad I have to work 😀

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