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Fashion Show

Howdy and welcome to the middle of the week! Is it just me or is this week dragging along? Maybe it’s because I’m so excited to be off for Christmas!

I actually wasn’t planning a post for today. I had considered just posting a picture of bright aqua waters, a sandy beach and a few palm trees with the message “Won Mega Millions, off on vacation”. But, that didn’t happen. Maybe next time. 🙂

For the last couple of years, I’ve been searching for a new winter coat. Who would have guessed that it would be so difficult? My current jacket was purchased in 2002 at an outlet mall near Seattle. Seattle weather isn’t as intense as Green Bay weather and I’ve been shivering ever since. I often have trouble with the sleeves around the shoulders being too tight but when I jump up a size, then the sleeves fit and everything else is way too bulky. Also, what’s up with the velcro on the sleeves? Not a fan.

Anyway, I ordered a few winter jackets online and they arrived last night. It’s time for the Ali Winter Fashion Show!

Coat A:


Coat A is the longest of all the coats (a parka) – with a weather grade handling -20 to +5 degrees. It comes with a string at the waist to cinch it up and provides enough length so it doesn’t ride up when I sit down in the car on frigid mornings. There are the usual pockets on the sides as well as two additional pockets in the front. It’s also the same color as my current coat and looks the most “me”.

Coat B:


Coat B is a down parka with a weather rating of -30 to 0 degrees. There is no drawstring at the waist but there’s a velvety soft lining at the neck and at the sleeves as well. Plus, anyone who has ever worn down knows it’s ridiculously comfortable. Super light and yet super warm. Only concern is maybe it looks too bulky?

Coat C:


Is it just me or does coat C make me look super skinny and fit? Also, do you love my new yoga pants as much as I do?? 🙂 I think this 3 in 1 jacket looks the most flattering due to the color blocking. It’s also the least warm of the three at -5 to 15 degrees. It’s the shortest of the three as well and despite the fact that it looks (to me) oh so good, the removable fleece jacket layer makes you need to hold onto the sleeve of your shirt in order to get it on without pulling your sleeve all the way up your arm.

So… my trusted blog readers – I need your input. You need to rate my coats and tell me which one to buy! Help a girl out, Ok? 🙂


10 Responses

  1. Coat C looks great!

  2. SO TRUE about the week dragging! I think coat B is fun and the color is trendy, but coat C is classic too. Can’t go wrong!

  3. I like coat A the best. The length is flattering and will keep your lower half warmer. I don’t care for coat B. I don’t like those puffer type coats on anyone, really. I like the color of C, but light colors show all the dirt – you know that stuff you get on you from the car when brushing it off and get road grime on the front (or is that just me?)

  4. B and C are both cute, but I think B is my fave!

  5. I agree with Lori about coat A. It looked very nice on you and would keep you warm. Which one feels the best? I see you’re getting snow this morning!

  6. I kind of love the first one!! You look so good 🙂

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