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DIY Christmas Gifts

I am a wee bit amused this morning. I received an email from the company that I’m buying my wedding invitations from. The subject was “WOW your fiance’s family”.  Read on for these great?? tips!

I’m not sure why, but this email bugs me. I am pretty sure my fiance didn’t receive a similar note on how to wow my family. <insert grimace> Ben and I have been at one another’s family functions for a few years now so these points are moot, but I could see a tremendous amount of added stress if I had to worry about an extravagant enough baked good as well as little gifts for all the children! Holy moly… Why put any additional pressure on someone for what can be an already stressful time? I think the key things are to dress modestly (you wouldn’t think that would need to be said but…), relax, and try to interact with people. It’s hard to be yourself but when meeting any new people in group situations, I think it helps to find a couple people enjoying a hearty conversation and join in!

My first year visiting Ben’s folks, I brought them a big fruit basket. I had no idea of dietary concerns, etc… and fruit seemed universal for Christmas. Reading the above tips though, that was probably not original or good. Oops!

This time of year I’m not really thinking about the future in-laws, I’m thinking more about my friends and co-workers. I’ve run into times when someone gave me a thoughtful gift and I had nothing to give in return and ended up in complete scramble mode. Plus, sometimes it’s just wonderful to give someone an unexpected something just because you want to. Here are a few DIY ideas that are super for the holidays!

Washcloth reindeer:


How cute are these little guys? They are all over the Internet and look pretty easy to make. I remember during Easter as kids we made washcloth bunnies and they were so cute!

Homemade cookies:


Tis the season for cookies! You’d actually be surprised how many people buy their cookies from the supermarket rather than make their own. But even for those who do bake, a small plate of your favorite offerings is a sure-win. I got this plate of gems from a co-worker yesterday and now I want the recipe for a few of them to add to my own baking list!

Santa Sleighs:

Mom and Dad whipped these adorable sleds up to give to the workers in my Dad’s office. They made half regular sleds piled high with mini candy bars and made the others with chocolate from the local chocolate store. In fact, when mom posted these on Facebook, the chocolate store asked to use them for their website! Pretty cute and easy to make!

side view:

I’m getting antsy and excited for Christmas – can you believe this time next week it will be Christmas Eve?! The last gifts I ordered arrived yesterday and now I just need to get them wrapped and I’m all set. 🙂


2 Responses

  1. The wash cloths, the Santa Sleigh…so perfect for a thoughtful gift to a co worker or group of friends. Love the ideas.
    My excitement hasn’t hit yet. This Christmas is one we spend with hubby’s family and won’t see my fam. until New Years. My dad’s b-day is Christmas day so I really hate these odd years when we can’t be with them. BUT… all is fair, right?! Come Christmas Eve, there is no stopping the excitement. 🙂

    • Ahh so do you guys alternate families for holidays then? I’m thinking eventually that’s what Ben and I will want to do. Our folks all live close but the back and forth each holiday is exhausting!

      The excitement will come. In the meantime, I’ve got extra bells on for you. 😉

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