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It’s sooooo cold outside. The temps today are 14/-3 but we’ve got 20mph winds that rip right through a person. Yowzers! Tomorrow looks even worse, if you can believe that, with a high temp of just two degrees. I’ve been on the hunt for a better winter coat – I need a little more stuffing and padding in the sleeves because I’m freezing walking to and from my car before and after work.

I have plans to go to a little bakery / sandwich shop tomorrow night for dinner but I just couldn’t wait to try it out and so Ben and I went there in advance – for quality control purposes of course. It is a really cute shop and there was a group of retired women in the corner sipping coffee and playing cards. I want that to be me in … 30 years. 🙂


Ben ordered a ham and cheese. It was on this delicious slightly-sweet bread with sliced apples and a apple butter on top. I took a bite and it was wonderful.


Ben said the bread wasn’t particularly sweet but since I haven’t had much bread in the last 6 months, I’ve been surprised how I think it tastes pretty sweet on its own. Funny how that works…

I chose a smoked turkey sandwich with alfalfa sprouts, sunflower seeds, and a cranberry cream cheese chutney.


It was delicious too but the bread was that super dense/chewy kind and I would have preferred something a little easier to eat.

We picked up two of their chocolate dipped peanut butter cookies for dessert back at home.


I’m definitely eating more carbs now and each time I nervously step on the scale to assess the damage. When you transition off the diet, the glycogen reserves get filled up and you gain around 5 pounds. I’m sitting at 4lbs and am really happy with that. If I can stay there all through December, I’ll be really happy!! Moderation, moderation.

What’s been hard is getting any motivation to go back to the gym. I had grand plans to hit the classes hard this month in between school semesters but I just haven’t wanted to venture out in the dark and the cold. I’ve been thinking about pulling out all my exercise DVDs and going through each of them. I have tons I’ve never used and it might be a fun adventure. We’ll see.

How are all of you doing on the holiday exercise front? Any tips for getting gym motivation?


4 Responses

  1. It is FREEZING here too! So cold my skin hurts. 😦

    • Is it really wrong/pathetic that I’m whining about the cold and we’re not even half way through December yet?? 🙂

      • This is more like January temperatures. We had wind here overnight but it finally died down later this morning. Wind chill advisories all the time lately. Do you have some Cuddl Duds?

      • I bought a cuddl dud top last year and it’s wonderful. It has a pattern though so not good for layering with work stuff – I should probably get another one. Great idea!

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