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Awesome Christmas Gifts

There is nothing quite as special as a well thought-out Christmas gift. I know a lot of people hate shopping, spending money, and trying to find a gift for everyone on their list, but I love it. I get excited when I find a good deal or the perfect gift that is going to make someone’s face light up. Plus, I honestly am bouncing off the walls in excitement finding the gifts, wrapping them, and the anticipation of giving them. All of that, I just adore.

I’m also a huge fan of Amazon. I do a little local shopping but the bulk of my purchases generally come online. So much so that I’ve added a handy-dandy link to Amazon on my blog. I’m kind of obsessed with the cyber deals they run every day. I’ve found a few great deals that way but I’ve also found a few things that make me scratch my head…

(All photos are stock from amazon.com)

The ipotty:


This child’s potty has a adjustable stand for an iPad – you know, to distract your child from using the potty for its intended purpose. Don’t worry, it has a screen that can go over the iPad to protect it from “messy fingers”. Really?

Any kind of banana slicer:

banana slicer

Personally, I’ve always thought slicing a banana was a really quick & easy task. Why don’t they come up with something useful – like a pineapple slicer or coconut slicer? Now THOSE would save some serious time! This banana slicer was one of the cyber deals and people were grabbing them up. White elephant gifts maybe?

Post-it Notes:


I’m not knocking post-its. In fact, I have a pile of them at my desk and they are useful for many things. However, would I sit glued to Amazon in the hopes of scoring an amazing deal on them? Not likely.

But there are some fun upcoming deals though. I’ve got my eye on these new k-cups for my Keurig. I’ve never seen these in store but if the upcoming deal is good, then I’ll give them a try:

Community Coffee

Oh yeah, and if you’re a Downton Abbey fan, the boxed set of seasons 1-3 plus bonus features from season 4 is another upcoming Amazon deal. I think this may get emailed to Ben with a little “wink wink” and a “nudge nudge”.

Downton Abbey Seasons 1-3

I’m almost done with my shopping but still need a few more things. How are all of you doing? Has anyone gotten any amazing deals this year?? If so, send me your shopping tips!!


4 Responses

  1. Yup, head scratchers for sure. The way I see it, if you can afford an ipotty you have too much money, no child needs that. And if you can’t slice a banana with a knife, you’re in trouble. 🙂 However, to each their own. Have a great day Ali

  2. holy crap that ipotty is unreal. pathetic!

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