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Trimmery & Shopping

I’m still rolling along on the great-buy bandwagon. I found another item yesterday that was even cheaper than on Black Friday. I love finding a better deal than my previous deal (even though returns is a bit of a hassle). All that’s left is finding a deal on my gift for Alex and something to put in Ben’s stocking. After that I just sit back and wait for it all to show up on my doorstep.

Typically I call the folks around 10 or 11 on Black Friday and see if they want to poke around the stores after all the crazy people have left. I didn’t really pick up any Christmas gifts (although the parents did) but I did get a new set of lamps for the family room so we could move the old ones into the living room. No living room lights has been way, way too dark!

Once Ben saw the lamps, he decided to re-arrange the entire family room. This required a new TV stand and after seven (no joke) separate stops, he decided on the one he wanted. It was already put together so all we had to do was haul it inside and into place.

Now it’s all set up and decorated for Christmas!!


I still need to tweak the mantle. I got the cutest nativity mantle cover but nothing great to put on top…


And now that we’re no longer using my sofa table as a TV stand, I need to figure out something creative for that as well.


Ben’s cute idea was to swap out the tealights on the coffee table with something more festive. How adorable are these peppermint swirl candles??


Ben’s also put the tree up, so now we just need to string a few lights and decorate! We got the outdoor lights up and swapped the usual floodlights for alternating red and green. Easiest decorating ever. If you’re not big into additional power bills, expensive lights, and ladders – changing your outdoor bulbs for colored ones is the easiest thing on earth.


Ben’s so adorable. ❤

Yesterday marked 4 years since we started dating. I can hardly believe it!! Ben took me out for dinner and it was a really nice evening. After next year we’ll have a real anniversary date to track instead of our “first date” anniversary.

I’ve got a blissfully slow week in the office (did I just jinx myself?) and I’m giddy for the week to pass and get to the weekend. I’m trying to decide what cookie to make this year and we’d like to have Matt over for a wrapping party.

What’s next on your Christmas festivities calendar? I want to know!!



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  1. LOVE your decorations! Those little candles are adorable!

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