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Thanksgiving 2013

happy thanksgiving

Wow – Thanksgiving came and went in a flurry of excitement and activity! I hope yours was wonderful with lots of time to reflect on the things you are thankful for. ❤

I feel kind of giddy this morning – maybe because we were racing around all weekend or maybe because this upcoming week is jam-packed. I don’t know but I’m almost bouncing in my seat.

I think I’m excited because I scored some amazing deals. My brothers wanted to get Mom & Dad a mattress topper for Christmas. I found an amazing deal for $120 (normally $260) and snagged that a couple of weeks ago. Today I saw it was discounted to $78 AND there was a 20% off coupon. I bought another one and I’ll return the more expensive one. Then I bought my brother and dad a 32gb tablet for $150 (normally $250). Eeeeeek, love deals!!

So now I need to recap the weekend, which is too long for one post. I’ll get you caught up on my Thanksgiving though. We had planned to make two sweet potato casseroles and show up at Ben’s side of the family at 11 and then my side around 3.

We woke up to the first real accumulation of snow for the year:


Quite the change from last year when Ben was hanging Christmas lights and it was 60 degrees out!

If I EVER think I can do sweet potatoes the morning of Thanksgiving, please remind me. This was the second year in a row that they took longer than planned and we ended up being late. We didn’t know the football game was at 11:30 and so we showed up around 11:25 and ruined the chance to sit and enjoy the meal before all eyes were fixated on the TV. Ooops.

Dinner was wonderful: there was chicken, stuffing, mashed pots, gravy, corn with bacon (yum!), orange jello fluff, and jellied cranberries. Here’s a cute picture I got of Ben and his Mom with the spread:


The football game was beyond embarrassing. Wow, the Packers are really bad without Rodgers. :/

We didn’t leave Ben’s parents’ house until 4pm, drove home to get the other casserole, and got to my parents’ house at almost 5pm. We were running late everywhere!


By the time we get to see my family, everyone is starving since they waited patiently all day to feast! Everything was ready to go and we put all the trays of dishes on the table and began to eat:

My sweet potato casserole


Homemade stuffing – love, love!


Pumpkin knot rolls!


I love food so much. 🙂 Since I technically haven’t completed my 2 weeks phasing off the diet, I was trying to be careful about portion sizes. Still, even a tiny bit of everything ends up being a LOT on the plate!


We had turkey at my family’s dinner, which is nice because we’re not eating turkey twice. I’ve gotta say, Ben just loves having two big meals in a day!

And double the pie! We had pumpkin & apple at meal #1 and apple & peach at meal #2:


Oh, and Ben was the designated turkey carver! Mom’s turkey was a 27lb beast – the picture below is JUST the turkey breast!!


The boys ready to eat:


The family:


We spent the evening playing karaoke and then left at 10pm – and went shopping! I can’t believe we actually went but I saw a deal on some pants that I needed anyway (and was planning to buy) so we quick hit the store, were only 2 deep in line, and were in and out in under 30 minutes. Plus, it was an amazing deal. Ben says never again. 😉

I hit the pillow about 11pm so it was a long day but really great. It’s tiring and crazy going everywhere but we love being there for both families and being part of the holiday. I’m excited that it’s now officially the Christmas season and I can start going all out for that. Yay!



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  1. Sounds like a wonderful day, other than the Pack. Sorry about that. I picked them to win, too, so I ended up in the hole and now have to buy John dinner this week. Booo…

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