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What Now?

Hurrah! I buckled down and scratched out the rest of my final exam last night. This semester is officially in the bag. Now I get to enjoy the roughly month and a half until my final semester kicks off.

What will I do with all my free time? 🙂

I also hit my 40lb weight loss goal, so I need to look at my toning goal (I still have a couple inches to lose for my wedding dress). I’m reviewing the next phase of the Ideal Protein diet and after Thanksgiving I’ll be looking to move into that phase. I’ll explain the next phase a bit more later but essentially it’s the same as Phase 1 except some controlled carbs are added.

Did I mention Ben went to the freezing cold Packer game on Sunday? The TV announcer said it was the coldest November game at Lambeau in 16 years!

Here’s Ben and a buddy bundled up before the game:


I think they all cuddled close during the game. Either that or the cold doesn’t affect guys!

guys at lambeau


Ben bought me my 40lb goal flowers. I have got to say, I love getting flowers each time I lose 10 pounds! These are pretty fall colors but the nighttime lighting makes them look yellowish-green. (reminder, take a daytime picture)


This is exciting stuff in my neighborhood. I was getting ready to head out when I heard the “beep beep beep” noise of a truck’s reverse alarm. I looked out the window and saw a shed dropped in the middle of the road.


And they conveniently blocked my driveway. I waited around (20+ min) until I couldn’t wait anymore and then walked across to the neighbors and asked the truck driver if he’d consider moving his truck 10 feet so it wasn’t blocking me in!

It’s been windy and chilly for days now. We’ve gotten several flurries but nothing amounting to anything. I’m happy to delay the snowfall for as long as possible. It will be here soon enough!

I’ve got all my ingredients bought for Thanksgiving baking now. I’m in sweet potato Heaven. I’m making my favorite sweet potato casserole and also am trying two new recipes. Can’t wait to see how they turn out.

What’s your FAVORITE can’t-live-without Thanksgiving dish? Mine is my Mom’s pumpkin knot rolls. They are so wonderful I could fill my plate with the warm bread, slather them with butter and be in carb bliss. 🙂

Pumpkin rolls ala 2012:



4 Responses

  1. Those rolls look yummy! My favorite Thanksgiving food is my mom’s stuffing.

  2. I always get asked to make the cranberry sauce and I don’t think it would be Thanksgiving if I didn’t make it – and I certainly wouldn’t be let in the door if I didn’t have it LOL!

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