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Getting Ready

OK, so the Packers didn’t lose yesterday (they didn’t win either) but it’s progress right? Oh dear.

Speaking of dear – or deer – this past weekend was the start of gun-hunting season. Although my family doesn’t do the hunting thing, we get all kinds of updates from friends as they get their yearly bucks.

So instead, we tantilize the hunters by posting the backyard photos at Mom & Dad’s house:

If only we were bow hunters! 🙂

The weekend was windy and cold but so far we’ve only had a few dustings of snow. I heard a bit more is due today/tonight but nothing substantial. We had tickets to go to the Packers/Vikings game but I backed out last minute. Way too cold for this girl so Ben went with 3 friends from work instead.

So… is everyone getting ready for Thanksgiving??


I’ve decided I earned a day of eating whatever I want – which is exactly what I plan on doing on Thanksgiving. I fully expect it to bounce me back up 3-5# but that will come back off with a week of good eating. Plus, I need to sit down and read through the 2nd phase of this diet, so I can prepare for what the new eating regime will look like.

Oh yeah, and I only finished 2/3 of my final exam, which is due tonight at 8pm… so you can guess what this girl will be working on tonight!

Have a Happy Monday – it’s a holiday week. Hurray!


2 Responses

  1. My sister and BIL hunt and live for deer season. They have already gotten 3 deer and have a freezer full of venison. They just brought over about 5 pounds of venison to us in various forms (ground, steaks, stew). Me, I don’t shoot anything unless it is with my camera.

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