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Visions of Sugar Plums

Has anyone ever had a sugar plum? I’ll admit I had to look up what a sugar plum actually is: dried fruit (often many kinds) chopped up fine and combined with nuts and spices, rolled into a ball, and covered in sugar and coconut.

I’ll admit I’ve never had visions of sugar plums but when you can’t bake or eat junk food, you spend way too much time surfing the web for enticing recipes. My current favorite is any kind of tart, pie, cheesecake, or casserole involving sweet potatoes.

So when I had to bake treats for a group of colleagues at work, I decided on chewy oatmeal with chocolate and peanut butter chips. Ooooh it sounded good. Too good. As in, I’d be tempted to eat fourteen one of them.

Plans changed and I went with something acceptable to others but not enticing to me:


All baggied up and ready to go – along with a tiny bag for Ben and one for him to share. You know, can’t make cookies in the house and not give the boy a few. 🙂


I officially finished my first final exam last night. Cross one class off the list! My other final is due Monday but I’m hoping to rock it out sooner than that and close the book on this semester. I’m working on selling the books back and admit I’m annoyed that the $150 book I bought was not cracked open even ONCE this semester. Don’t assign a book if you don’t plan on using it!!

My big project at the moment is sorting through my enormous pile of clothes. I have clothes in quite the range, way too many new with tags, and I’m putting together piles: stuff to try on, stuff that’s too small, stuff that’s too big, stuff I know I want to donate, and stuff I am going to try and sell ONCE and then donate. I just need to get rid of a lot of this!


You know it’s hard for me to part with clothes and it’s weird. I know. 🙂 I actually donated 4 garbage-sized bags of clothes when we moved last year, so I know I am capable of purging. It’s just harder when it’s expensive stuff that’s never been worn. Plus, I cringe at the idea of gaining weight back but don’t want to hang onto all the larger sizes. Thinking of saving 2 favorite shirts, one pair of jeans, and one pair of slacks.

If you’ve lost weight, did you get rid of everything in the larger sizes? I’m also open to any tips on helping solve my purging issue! Help!!! 😉


2 Responses

  1. Sugar plums sound kind of like date rolls. Yum!

    I got rid of all my larger clothes. I kept 1 shirt (3x) and one pair of jeans (size 24) just to have to remind myself where I don’t want to go again. It’s not worth the space it takes to store clothes that don’t fit. You just have to bite the bullet. I made a rule for myself that I had to get rid of a piece of clothing for each new one I bought in a smaller size.

    • You know that’s a good idea, toss something for each new piece coming in…

      I’ve also heard some people put everything on the rack with the hanger backwards and then after a season, anything that was never worn has to be donated.

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