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Week 22 Weigh-In

** To all the residents of Illinois affected by the tornados yesterday, know that my continuous prayers are with you and your families. My hope is that you and your loved ones are safe. **

I started this post on Saturday night and just now am finishing it up. It’s been scary watching the news of the tornado in Illinois. I think the closer it gets to home the scarier it is. We’ve had ridiculous rain all weekend, pounding at times, with warm weather (high 50s yesterday!). It’s the perfect formulation for nastiness in the air. This morning the winds still haven’t died down but they’ve swept the warm air through and we’re 20 degrees or so cooler. My ears were ringing as I carted the garbage cans to the curb.

Getting back to the weekend – it was a really nice couple of days. I have had quite a bit of vacation time to eat up before year’s end and I took Friday off. That meant sleeping in a couple hours, buying a Christmas gift for my facial lady (I’m sure that’s not the correct term) and enjoying my 60 min facial. One of the things I’ve been trying to be better about this year is taking care of my skin. Admittedly, I’m pretty horrible. More often than not my skincare regime consists of splashing water on my face while I’m in the shower. Guess what? It shows! So at the start of the year I made a conscious effort to try to stop the downward spiral. No sense looking 50 by the time I hit 40, right?

After a stop home for lunch, I went back out for a 90 minute massage. Boy what a day of pampering! The nice thing was that the massage was part of a Groupon and super cheap. Plus, since I found my facial lady through a Groupon, she still gives me that ridiculous price. Bottom line? 90 min massage and 60 minute facial for under $100. Can’t beat it.

Weigh-in this week was good, another .6# down the drain bringing my official total to 39 pounds! Just one teensy, tiny, little pound to go! Fingers are still crossed I can hit that before Thanksgiving – ideally a few days before so I can have a couple days on the next phase before the holiday.

Since I’m still eating a lot of the Ideal Protein foods, I thought I’d share what a day of eating looks like. I do this from time to time because I think you’d get bored with my weekday eats (they’re almost the same thing every day)/


They began offering some new food and I was excited when my order arrived so I could have some more variety. This is the new double chocolate brownie. Trust me when I say you’d rather eat an actual chocolate brownie than this, however, it’s tastier than the THREE boxes of their chocolate chip cookies that are pretty awful and very, very slowly being eaten.


unpictured: 2 cups of coffee and water



This is the IP herb and cheese omelet with 2 cups of approved veggies. I picked mushrooms and broccoli. I’m still really weird about mushrooms and will only eat them if I prepare them myself.



Chicken soup. I added some red pepper flakes and it had some nice heat. We simmered this over the stove all afternoon while watching the very unfortunate Packer game. My poor Packers!

Snack: unpictured 200ml of water with a scoop of Jay Robb tropical dreamsicle protein powder.

There you have it – fun eats(?) maybe not, but heck, I’m 39 pounds lighter. 😉

I’ve got class tonight, and then the one week countdown to the end of the semester. I’m itching with excitement to be done and I’ve been (so far) unsuccessfully begging Ben to let me start decorating for Christmas early. Don’t worry, I’ll wear him down soon. 😉

Happy Monday everyone!



3 Responses

  1. Hi Ali. Nicely said re: the tornado victims. So sad….

  2. I want a brownie for breakfast.

    It is so strange to hear about all the tornadoes in November! Global warming can’t be ignored, really.

  3. Weather in Madison was bad and kept me in most of Sunday.
    Congrats on the weight loss! Way to go!

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