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Office Mischief

Hee hee

The company Ben works for celebrated their 10 year anniversary last night. It was supposed to be a nice dinner, with people bringing their significant others, and a grand event. But as the day unfolded, people didn’t feel like staying AT the office for the festivities, few people wanted to go home, get their spouse, and come back, and it ended up being just a few people hanging around – including Ben (I stayed home since none of the people on his team were bringing their wives).

This morning this was the scene at one of the guy’s cubes that didn’t show up:

office beer

Apparently he likes the new decor and is planning to leave it there all day!

I work in a very small department now (4 people + our boss) and miss some of the shenanigans of being in a larger department. I remember my previous job where I handled all the programming for the company’s internal web site… One year I changed the home page on a guy’s computer to point to a identical looking page and imbedded a link to him doing the chicken dance at Hooters. Then I had random people call him up making vague comments until he figured it out, STORMED into my cube, and screamed at me for almost 5 minutes to fix the website. When I calmly brought up the real home page without the link (and had the co-workers around me do the same thing), I thought he was going to loose it. I’m so bad but it remained one of the most talked-about birthday pranks our department ever did. 😉 Don’t mess with the master.

I’ve got an amusing flower story. I bought two hanging plants late this past spring – both filled with petunias although one had some pretty tiny purple flowers as well. Over the months all the petunias turned brown, died out, and I chopped it back and kept watering. Low and behold, the little purple flowers grew back in a big way and the flower pot is filled once again!


What’s more amusing is that the mum plant I JUST bought for the Fall has already died…


Argh! I have a couple random flowers still a pretty red:


Luckily there are some buds left – so I’m hoping for a second bloom. Otherwise that plant is hitting the garbage soon!

I’m saving all the hanging baskets because next year I want to buy the flats of flowers and put together my own baskets. I think it makes more sense than paying $35 a basket.

Still loving the daily Facebook posts telling people one thing each day in November that they are thankful for. I’m so thankful for my wonderful family. I’m blessed to live so close to them and am greatful for unconditional love and support.

What’s one thing you’re thankful for today?


4 Responses

  1. My company is small, 10 people so there are no big office parties. In fact. by the end of the week, we are glad to be rid of each other 😉
    Love the flowers. So pretty. All of ours are brown and wilted now due to the cold.
    I’m thankful for good health for me, my hubby, sister, mum and dad.

  2. We’ve had freezing temps. here so basically everything has died, unless the flowers were brought in before the hard freeze. We even had some snow this past Monday, but it finally melted yesterday. I didn’t realize you had a Facebook page. I’m thankful for a healthier year than last year.

  3. That’s a funny joke to play on your coworker.

    Those purple flowers look like alyssum (sp?) and they will grow new flowers if you shear them back. They are very pretty.

    I am thankful that today my paycheck came! That’s always a good day!

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