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coffee pumpkin

Sure, Halloween is now long-gone, but I still think it’s pumpkin season! Might as well have your pumpkin and drink your coffee too.

We dodged a bullet with the snow yesterday. I walked outside to head home for the day and there was nary a flake to be found. I’m perfectly OK repeating that experience for the next month.

Has anyone been following the news that the FDA is looking to ban saturated fats? It hasn’t officially been set into motion but what a great step forward if it were to come to fruition. It’s amazing how more stringent other countries are with food additives compared to the US and my hope is with this approval, it may lead the way to banning other unhealthy food components… there are so many.

Ben and I were running some errands and found a ton of Fall leaves and fake flowers on clearance. I snagged up a huge box thinking maybe some of these could be turned into centerpieces for the wedding.


I’m not very creative when it comes to floral arrangements and have honestly no idea what to do with these yet, but I figured I should pick them up now while they were on sale and then do some Internet searching to come up with something that would work.

I also bought a ton of these delicious smelling candles that I wanted to put on tables. Mmmm pumpkin apple!


I found another great deal at Bath & Body works – these candles are usually $20 each (ouch!) and they had a 2 for $22 sale plus $10 off a $30 purchase, so I was able to score 3 candles for $21 and repeated that purchase a couple times.

I am a bit concerned they might be too low for any kind of stunning table display, so I might need some kind of stand to lift the candle up a bit. I’m also thinking the leaves/flowers might not work well with the short, squat candle, so I might do something by alternating table arrangements. Plus, I always have the hurricane covers and white pillar candles the reception venue provides. Maybe I’ll do 3 different table displays? Not sure.

In the meantime, I’m loving all these awesome fall colors!! After the wedding I can make some kind of fun arrangement for the living room.


How’s this for creepy photo of the week? The flash reflected off my neon yellow shirt and I have this weird yellow glow all over myself. Kinda creepy. I need a witch’s hat and I’d be set for Halloween all over again. Cackle.


We made taco salads last night for dinner. It’s an easy meal to pull together. I put mine on top of lettuce and Ben eats his with rice, beans, and some queso sauce.


Did I tell you Ben joined a soccer league? He played back in high school and found out there is an indoor venue that does intermediate & advanced soccer leagues. Ben joined the house league and has also started going on Tuesday nights for the open play to get some additional practice. It’s been great for him!

Remember all that yard work I tackled on Sunday? Whoa baby – my legs are crying. I couldn’t figure out what was the cause until Ben suggested it might have been the repeated squats I did pulling the debris from around all the plants. Holy cow! I can definitely tell I’ve been away from the gym. Guess it’s good timing to be wrapping up the diet (hopefully in a few weeks) and then moving on to the toning and shaping. 🙂

Off to work I go – with no snow on the ground!

Ugh! Is that a RABBIT I see outside? Nooooooooooooo!


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  1. My daughter got married this past July and made most of the decorations for her wedding. I believe she found ideas on Pinterest for the decorations. Good luck in your search for wedding decoration ideas.

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