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Ready for the Snow


I was listening to the radio this morning and they said the temps are supposed to fall all day and the slight sprinkling that’s going on right now is going to turn to the white stuff by the afternoon. I can’t believe snow is here already!

It was crazy windy all weekend but yesterday it died down a little bit and was finally dry enough to clear the yard of leaves and start winterizing.


We can’t leave leaves (say that 10x fast) on the street corner, so instead we pack them up into heavy duty tarp bags and haul them to the town’s drop-off site. It took us three trips. It must have been a popular day to do yardwork because the dropp off site was hopping!



I also ripped up all the dead debris around the daylillies and took all the dead plants out of the garden. I probably should have done that sooner because it was tedious to pick all the tiny rotting cherry tomatoes out! 🙂


It was actually a pretty productive weekend. Besides the yard work, I tackled a bunch of school work, some organizing, and a lot of cleaning. Now I’m heading into the beginning of the week feeling like I’ve already accomplished a ton. Oh, and I’m really sore too – I’m guessing from all the weed yanking and leaf hauling.

We went to the grocery store and sour cream doughnuts were on sale and mysteriously fell into our shopping cart. Now I have to sit and stare at them until Ben slowly finishes them (which never happens). He ate 2 yesterday and might eat one today and then they’ll sit on the counter for a week until I end up tossing them. Is it weird though that I’ve opened the container a few times just to smell them? 🙂 Luckily they don’t smell that great so I keep telling myself they taste bad too. Ha


The Packers lost for the second week in a row and with Rodgers still out and our backups dropping like flies, it’ll be interesting to see if we can eek out enough wins to make the playoffs this year. My fantasy football team, however, had a decisive victory!

Ooh and check out my fun Fall clearance purchase:


I’m a sucker for anything with pretty fall leaves and this wreath was only $8. We needed a pop of color for the front of the house.

The plan is still to try and hit the 40# weight loss mark before Thanksgiving. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Would be nice if it aligned with turkey day and the end of the semester all in the same week. I’m trying to wrap things up quickly and am actually excited at the idea of getting back to the gym again.

Have a great Monday everyone. Happy Veteran’s Day to all the vets out there!!



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  1. We are lucky living in the village limits. We just have to bag our leaves and any plant debris (including branches) and set them at the curb. The city then takes the bags away for their mulch piles. It’s very convenient!

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