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Week 21 Weigh-In

It all starts on Thursday nights – I can feel the excitement building for Friday! Even though I work Fridays, it’s still my very favorite day of the week. So much promise and the allure of a full weekend just ahead. Absolutely love.

It’s Friday and time for your weekly weigh-in. Wowzers, it was a fantastic week! After my slight gain last week and the overall feeling like things are really slowing down, I had a great week on the scale.

Week 21:

Pounds lost: 2.4# (!!!)

Total Lost: 38.4#

Soooooo close! I’m still thinking I can hit 40 pounds by the 22nd. The semester ends on the 25th, which is my ideal goal but I’d love a couple extra days to transition to the next phase of the diet before Turkey Day.

Speaking of Turkey Day, they were discussing Black Thursday shopping beginning at 8pm and how people are already planning their routes. Not for me!

I keep a folder of pictures that help motivate me on my weight loss. Does anyone else do this? Some are pictures when I was heavier, some that I thought were super adorable and I was lighter, and others that just represent where I want to be – like this girl with those abs:


I’m sure this picture is airbrushed, but so what! I want those abs. 🙂

Yesterday morning I was walking down the hall at work, not fully awake, and someone came up behind me and said “You’re wasting away, you look great, keep it up!” My first thought was “hurray, I look thinner now!” and then, in typical over-analyzing fashion, I focused on the “keep it up” part. So.. I’m wasting away but keep up the weight loss because I need to lose more? See- I totally over-analyze and find a way to be critical of myself. It’s maybe something to work on for next year.

Has anyone begun thinking of New Year’s Resolutions? It seems so early to start thinking of them, but you have more than 7 weeks left to make a solid start on a lingering 2013 resolution OR a strong finish to something you’ve been working on all year. Go for it!

I ordered my last shipment of Ideal Protein food this week. While I have more weight to lose (and would like to lost), I want to transition to more exercise while still watching carbs. I think that’s the right mix for me. Plus, I want my hair to stop falling out – which is probably the biggest driving factor. This gal was a cute bald baby, but not so much as a 32 year old.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone. Do something good for yourself!


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