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Week 20 Weigh-In

First things first – Happy NOVEMBER!

November’s a great month and I’m excited to hit some fabulous goals before it wraps up. Mainly – finally – hitting my 40lb weight loss goal. I’m just 4 pounds away. Buckle down, get cracking, and get her done baby!

Ever since my almost all-nighter in the office, my weight’s been crazy, my head’s been pounding, and I’ve generally felt all over the place. The morning after that I had lost 4 pounds (huh?) and the next day I was up 5! I ended this week .6 pounds higher than last week despite no cheating. Kinda a bummer but time to throw this week into the past and work on starting strong for next week.

I was looking back at my monthly weight loss numbers. Here’s how they’ve broken down since I started in June (June? wow – seems like forever ago!)

Month Pounds
June 13.6
July 10.8
Aug 6.4
Sept 3.0
Oct 2.8
Nov 4.0*

Time to buck that downward trend and hit 4 in November! Definitely not as impressive in Sept or Oct but I won’t trade in even one single pound. They were all hard-earned and I’m very proud. I’ve hemmed and hawed about staying on the diet until I lose enough to fit into my wedding dress, but I think end of Nov is a good place to transition into the next phase of the diet. I’ll be able to eat more carbs and should get more energy. I’ll also have this current semester wrapped up and can get back into the gym to work on toning.

Last night I got home from work, turned on every light in and out of the house, and sat on the steps watching the traffic to see if any child would be battling the rain to get candy at our house. Last year we had only one trick-or-treater and because we completely filled his bucket with candy, I was almost certain he’d be back again.


But the wet UPS driver received candy and I think it might have made her day too! I called mom to pitifully whine about our lack of visitors and went upstairs to work on a school paper…

20 minutes later our doorbell rang. Guess who showed up?

Bwahahaha! The family threw together silly costumes and came over for candy. I couldn’t stop laughing – it was hilarious. Everyone got candy 🙂 Lori – I assume you approve of Alex’s costume?

Looking forward to the weekend. Here we are at last! Hoping you all have a great day. Remember, you still have time to enter to win a free canvas print!


2 Responses

  1. Yay Broncos!! Alex has it right 😉

  2. Awee so sad that there were no trick or treaters! haha Poor rainy Halloween!

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