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A Late, Late Night

For an early morning riser and blog poster, writing a blog entry after 11pm feels almost unfathomable. I’ve drank 3 cups of coffee, paced around the room a few times, and even took a cold shower. I’m trying to stay awake because I need to drive into work tonight to help test the changes we’re moving into production. It’s exciting to see something we’ve been working on for many months finally (hopefully) come to fruition but I’m both anxious that something will go wrong and worried things will take longer than expected. I need to be back in the office at 6:30am and I am counting on a couple precious hours of sleep in between.

Here’s hoping all goes well! I may be a bit zombie-esque though tomorrow. 🙂

I’ve been browsing Facebook for anything to keep myself occupied. I had considered doing some schoolwork but who wants to do that with only half an operating brain? This girl turns into a pumpkin around 9pm – I know, I’m such a party animal!!

Has anyone seen this:

I laughed a bit because it seems like Christmas is forever away – but I was watching football over the weekend and saw my very first Christmas commercial. Can you believe it!? I think most people agree Christmas seems to come at us earlier and earlier each year. Because I’m such a big fan of the holiday, I tend to take it all in stride. That being said, I think the bats, witches, and carved pumpkins should be cleared away first.

Then again, there ARE only 8 Fridays to go. No pressure. 🙂

We didn’t feel like doing anything too fancy tonight, so we made some veggie eggs. I’m not great at making frittatas that don’t fall apart, so Ben’s used to me just mixing everything together. Might not be pretty – but it’s colorful and tasty!!!


I’m excited for this weekend – I’m going bridesmaid dress shopping! This is dress shopping I think I might actually enjoy. 🙂 I mean, how nice is it to pick the dress someone else is going to wear? Ha ha! I’m hoping we can find something we all love. I have a few appointments scheduled and I’m looking forward to finding the perfect dresses for my gals. Should be a great time!

Ok, I’m off to pace around downstairs and splash some cold water on my face. How on earth do you night owls stay up this late? What’s the secret?? Is it just that you sleep in or are there really people who can function on just a few hours of sleep each night. I operate on the 7 hours per night program. 🙂


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  1. I used to be a night owl but slowly transitioned to a morning person. I always wake up at the same time no matter what time I go to bed, so I have to be careful not to stay up too late!

    I agree on wanting to get Halloween done before Christmas stuff, but I do have to admit to buying some bubble lights last week for our tree when we saw them at Lowe’s. I have been wanting some for years, but they sell out so fast that I never find them. So – I jumped on them!

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