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Week 19 Weigh-In

HAPPY Monday!

I hope you all enjoyed a fantastic weekend. I had Friday off and it was wonderful and MUCH needed time out of the office. We’re gearing up for moving all of our work into production tomorrow night, so it’s been crazy chaos. Fingers crossed the loose ends get tied up today and we’re set for tomorrow. Did I mention the testing we need to do for this doesn’t begin until midnight Tuesday? Eek! I’m not sure yet how that’s going to work. I ❤ my sleep!!! 🙂

It was a great week on the weight-loss front too. I lost 1.6# bringing my total to 36.6#. Getting closer and closer to that magic 40! A big part of me had pretty much decided to just stay on the diet until I lost the inches needed for my wedding dress. However, I’m getting increasingly distraught over my hair loss and decided I’d stay the course until the end of the semester (week of Thanksgiving) and then move into Phase 2, add some cardio and weight training, and go from there.

Once you begin losing weight it’s funny how you want to tackle everything. I half-jokingly told Ben I want to do a 5K, 10K, and half marathon next year. Realistic for me? Heck no. Fun to think/dream about? You betcha!

We went to a Halloween party over the weekend and I’ve got some great pictures to show you this week. Our friends really went all out!

Last night we flipped back and forth between the Packers game and the World Series. Packers won but my Cards did not. Hopefully tonight they can move back ahead in the race! Fingers crossed.

I found my mittens over the weekend. It’s been windy and cold and the dark mornings seem to enhance that as well. I’ve been eyeing the forecast for a nice day to clean out the garden. Hopefully soon!

So, there you have it. Enjoy your Monday folks and drink a warm cup of coffee for me… and enjoy the day.



4 Responses

  1. Congratulations on the weight loss. You’re doing great.
    Don’t be so quick to write off doing any of those races. I used to wonder how people ran at all. Then I was so terrified to do my first 5K, I made my husband come with me. All this led to multiple marathons… who knows, Alison…one day….?? 😉

  2. I keep thinking about running again, even though my back and thigh convinced me to stop. What’s wrong with me?? LOL.

    What is it that you do with work again?

    • Ha – you’ve had that love/hate relationship with running for a while now. I think your mind likes the idea but your body keeps telling you to stick with biking… and since you love that so much, why not!?

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