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What I Notice at Thirty-Five Pounds

It’s so dark out in the morning now! Sometimes it’s hard to believe we still have more than 2 months to go yet before the days get longer again. I’m already missing waking up and having it somewhat light outside. 🙂

A friend posted on Facebook yesterday that there are 10 Saturdays before Christmas. Wow – and here I was thinking I had tons of time. Perspective folks – we do have tons of time yet and plenty to enjoy before then!

This is a weird/hard post for me to write because I’m about to break one of my coveted blogging rules: never show “in progress” before and after pictures. But, today, I’m doing it anyway. I want this blog to be honest and helpful – as well as fun and enjoyable to read – and I know, for me, I get a lot of inspiration looking at the pictures of people on their weight loss journeys. So while I’m no where near “done”, I thought I’d share an update on where I am now that I’m about 4 months into my diet.

The Good:

– There’s a lot of good stuff, primarily the drop in the scale. Honestly, we all know any time the scale is moving downward you just feel better about yourself too.

– I’m in smaller clothes. They say it takes the longest to drop the first size because most people are wearing clothes a bit too small (which can trigger the desire to drop some pounds). I’ve dropped one pant size. I also put on a sweater that I purchased last year and couldn’t fit into – and it fit! I raced to the closet and found my clearance jacket I also bought last year and that also fits now as well. Awesome.

– My lower back pain is a lot better. When you carry extra weight – especially around your waist, your body pushes that out and you end up slumping and causing an arch in your back. I really noticed an improvement when I took pictures yesterday!

– My skin has never looked better. This I’m not attributing to weight loss – I think it’s the lack of sugar and refined carbs. Feels better and looks better.

The Bad:

– Hair loss. Holy macaroni – I’m starting to wonder if I’m going to get bald spots. I know this is normal for a low-carb diet and I’ve done lots of research on this. I upped by Biotin supplement and I know this will grow back when I am off the diet. In the meantime, wowzers.

– I’ve been on a diet for FOUR months. I’ve been successful, yes, but the longer you go the more you lose motivation, cheat, slow your progress, and get discouraged. So that’s why I’m taking time now at 4 months in to re-evaluate where I want to go and what I want to accomplish.

So – here we go! I’ve got some side-by-side pics of me today (left) and 4 months ago (right).

4 months

I already knew from my measurements that I haven’t lost much in my arms at all. In fact, the last time I measured we were only talking 1/2″ from each arm. So I’m wondering when I’ll see some more weight go from that area. I’m noticing my shirt is looser in general and despite the more tanned legs, I think there is some improvement there as well.

So… we’re getting there. Maybe at some point I’ll get to a spot where I’m comfy wearing shorts in public. I like progress pictures like this though because I can see improvement, which helps keep me motivated. It also is slightly frustrating because at 35# I would have expected a bit more noticeable of a change. Oh well, keep trucking along, right?

Last night we made more chicken stir-fry. Ben’s plate is loaded with rice but mine is just meat and veggies. We use Tamari for the base of the sauce because it’s non-GMO and low-carb. All those peppers are from the garden too! I took a peek last night and found some tiny red ones left on the plants and picked a few to use. There’s also some tiny broccoli from the garden in there as well. Love cooking with veggies from the garden!


So I’m curious – what do you think of before and after pictures when they aren’t “true” after shots. Are they helpful? Do they motivate you? Or do you find yourself looking too critically and thinking there’s not enough of a difference? Anyone else post before & afters in the middle of their weight loss? I’d love to hear from you!


8 Responses

  1. Taking pictures is a good thing, but I usually, when and if I lose enough weight, go by how my clothes fit, which is a great feeling when they start to feel too big on a person. Keep on trucking – you are doing a great job.

    • Yes – and the benefit of measuring progress based on clothes is that if the clothes feel lose but you’re not necessarily losing weight, you are probably losing inches. Both are very good things and you’re less likely to get frustrated if you take both into consideration.

  2. Ali!!! This progress is awesome! Look at the way that shirt fits you now! So proud of you for posting these…you are doing fabulous things 🙂

  3. Wow, that is awesome and can I just say (without being a total creeper)…..NICE BUTT!!!

  4. You look fantastic! Are you sure you only lost 1 size, because you definitely look much smaller in the hip area.

    I lose the opposite way. Weight comes off my top first, but takes forever to come off my butt and thighs 😀

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