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All About Apples

Happy HUMP day, happy HUMP day!

It’s the middle of the week my blog peeps and we’re zooooming towards the weekend! Now that I officially have all my midterms completed, last night I got to sit, relax, and veg about all night. In a word: glorious!!!

I may have mentioned this before but the street we live on is all older or retired couples that pretty much keep to themselves. One street over is the younger families with kids and dogs running around everywhere. While the peace and quiet is definitely nice, I miss knowing who my neighbors are. Sometimes I feel awkward even waving to them when I usually just get a blank stare in return. However, last night Ben was outside doing some leaf collecting and one of our neighbors showed up with some apples from his tree. Pretty awesome! I’m thinking these would be great for apple crisp or an apple pie – even if I can’t eat either.

Since we’re smack-dab in the middle of apple season, I thought I’d share some of these fun snippets about apples. Honestly, I love little fun sheets of info like this and tend to print them out and tape them to the fridge! You all know apples habitually top the “dirty dozen” list of foods, but here’s a quick decode of the labels you’ll find in the stores and what they mean:

how to read the label

I used to buy apples from our local orchard every year, blissfully ignorant, until I specifically asked and learned that they spray their trees and fruit SIX times every year with pesticides. 😦 Definitely put a damper on that!

BUT despite this, apples are awesomely healthy. You just need to find some organic ones or, at the very least, make SURE to wash, peel, and then rinse your apple before eating!


I’m one of those people who never seem to remember what are good baking apples vs. eating apples. I tend to buy honeycrisp and then call my mom when I need help finding a baking apple. So, again, I love little charts like this:

apples to buy

The only apple I’ve never been a huge fan of? Red Delicious (I think) You know, whichever type of red apple is usually found in fruit baskets around Christmastime and covered in a thin sheet of wax. Just not my fav.

Are you an apple fan?  What’s your favorite way to eat apples??


2 Responses

  1. I had NO idea about those codes! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Honey Crisp are my favorite for eating, but I need to eat more apples instead of them sitting and just taking up space. I’m not a big fan of the red delicious kind either. I also like Fireside apples for eating – they tend to be bigger in size. Thanks for the apple info.

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