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A Trip to the Bluffs

We left off in LaCrosse with us hobbling around the hotel room after the 5K run/walk. I’ll confess I plopped on the bed after a long, hot shower and turned on the Food Network to find an episode of Chopped playing. I’ve always loved that show. We don’t get cable anymore so Ben and I sat and watched the first half of the show before we decided it was time to check out and get on with our day. First stop – Granddad’s Bluff!


I mentioned before how the weather last week was idyllic but geez did we ever luck out! Sunshine city! When we arrived in LaCrosse, the car temp said 77 (whoa!) but the next day when we were doing all of our scampering around the city ended up being a more mild – but still wonderful – 64 degrees.


LaCrosse is quite a contained city because you have the bluffs on one side and the Mississippi River on the other. I used to love driving up the winding road to the top of the bluffs in the Fall when I was in college. Such a pretty view!




There were lots of people viewing the bluffs but most people just stay for a few minutes and leave, so you generally get a nice viewing spot.

Sooooo pretty!


I’m pretty much a sucker for all things “Fall”. 🙂


After our trip to the bluffs we went back into town in search of my favorite college coffee shop. I used to walk there from campus with a girlfriend and we’d order white chocolate frappes, sit in the creaky wooden booths, and pull out our textbooks and make study cards. She was going to school for Nursing and we’d swap cards and quiz one another. I never pronounced anything correctly! On weekends sometimes we’d just grab our drinks and walk down to the river to relax. We did a lot of walking in college since neither of us had cars. She passed away a couple of years after graduation from Leukemia but I will always remember what a beautiful person she was and the special times we shared over frappes.

So you can see it was essential that I break all diet rules and get myself a beloved drink while we were in town. The place was PACKED because the city had a bunch of events going on as well (chili-eating contest, outdoor bands, etc…) but we managed to snag an empty booth just long enough to snap a pic of me holding my delicious coffee wonderment!


With our drinks in hand we headed down to the Mississippi to check out the river. Pretty stuff!





All the while sipping on my luscious beverage. It’s amazing how one sip takes me right back to being in college – it was just as good as I remembered too!! Hurray! Seriously, someone needs to make them in Green Bay (then again, maybe not – dangerous!!!).




We finished our drinks and headed across the bridge to Minnesota (why not) to fill up the tank for the road home. How nice of a view does this Kwik Trip have?


We took a bit longer and more scenic route home – through some rolling farm fields and back roads. It was gorgeous!!!! I love the striped corn rows in the hills.


We got home tired and happy and went to bed ridiculously early. The 5K plus all the walking definitely tuckered us out!

I’m hoping we can go back for another Alumni Weekend sometime soon. Hopefully not in another 10 years. 🙂


5 Responses

  1. Wow! That’s pretty and you look great!!

  2. Awesome trip to LaCrosse! Pictures are great and the one of you and Ben standing in front of the paddleboat you look so fit and trim. Great!!

  3. Yay for seeking out coffee! 😀 Totally my way of traveling.

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