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Friar Frolic 5K

Here we are folks – it’s the Monday following a week away from the office. Definitely a hard day to get up and going on! I was super blessed with ridiculously awesome October weather though. Honestly, the weather was in the 70s and sunny almost the entire week. You just can’t beat that!

Over the weekend we were in LaCrosse for my 10 year college alumni weekend celebration. LaCrosse is a really beautiful town this time of year – lots of rolling hills and the bluffs that overlook the city all in pretty fall colors. A couple years ago Ben and I went back to my birthtown (where I lived until I was 18) and I almost didn’t recognize the city after 9 years. LaCrosse, however, felt just like I’d never left.

I don’t miss the city driving. There was a ton of stuff going on when we drove into the city and because the bluffs block one side of the city, there’s not a lot of ways to get in and around. The campus looks a lot different too – they’ve built all kinds of fun new buildings and have an awesome gym with a large fitness area. How come none of that was there when I was a student!? πŸ™‚

We got into town about 3:45pm and checked into our hotel. Apparently there was some Corvette convention going on because everywhere we looked there were Corvettes lining the streets. I took Ben to a steak place for dinner (the same place we went to for my college graduation dinner with my folks) and it was wonderful. It was super dark inside and we were sitting close to others, so no pics. But – dinner was terrific!

Then we headed to campus and watched the school’s broadway rendition of “Little Women”. It was opening night and there were lots of little flaws but it was great to be back watching in the main theatre. I definitely was reminded of when I used to usher productions on campus.

We got back to the hotel late and crashed. The next morning was the 5k run/walk! I grabbed a protein bar and a bite of Ben’s doughnut thinking maybe I’d need a bit of carbs to get me through. Lots of sunshine in the morning and perfect running temps in the high 50s.


Originally Ben had planned to walk the race with me but has been much more active at the gym and runs a mile as his cardio warm-up before weight lifting… so I suggested he run ahead and see how he could do.


They had a secure area for our camera and car keys, which was awesome and then we wandered over to the starting line. I stayed in the back with the walkers and then we were off. I started with my jacket on but took it off about half a mile into the run.

I didn’t run at all (unless you count the last 200 feet before the finish line). I kept a steady pace with some new tunes on my MP3 player encouraging me along. Once again, I fell into that spot in the middle of the race all by myself with the runners long past and the walkers farther behind. There were a couple people who would run ahead and then slow to a walk (and repeat) so I’d constantly be walking around them. Annoying but just part of it. I forgot my baby powder which I always put on the bottom of my feet… and around mile 2 I started to feel a blister. Ouch!

One thing I noticed was that my Garmin kept blinking that my heart rate was way, way too high. I remember a few years ago when I did the 5K Dash for a Splash and crossed the line with my heart rate hitting 198. I literally felt like my heart might rip out. This time, it was blinking at 240. Seriously? I focused on breathing and felt a little winded but nothing really major at all. It makes me wonder if I need to re-sync my heart rate monitor. 240 just seems wrong and if it was right, well then I definitely got a workout!


Ben finished ahead of me and grabbed a few pictures of me limping into the finish!


Hurray! 5K accomplished!

We both were tired and sweaty but triumphant. I was limping around everywhere with my blistered foot and it wasn’t too pretty. πŸ™‚


Ben finished in 31 minutes and I crossed in 45:44. Not bad for no training, no running, and limping for a good mile on a blistered foot! πŸ™‚ We hobbled to the bookstore for some Alumni gear and then took off back to the hotel to shower and find some much needed food!

There was a cute little family restaurant right next to our hotel, so we walked there after checking out. In my race bag, they gave us little boxes with band-aids in them and I applied two to each foot and that seemed to help with the pain.

Ben ordered a breakfast skillet, some fluffy pancakes, and a ton of water.


I went with a hamburger and salad.


And a few bites of Ben’s pancakes. Totally NOT on the diet but I did want some carb replenishment not knowing how all that exercise would affect my body. Boy were those pancakes ever good! Fluffy with whipped butter on top – I was in pancake heaven and could have eaten ALL of his. πŸ™‚

We had quite the day in LaCrosse but I’ll finish wrapping up tomorrow so this post isn’t too long. Needless to say, I’m super happy we did the race. Ben’s not a big fan of running and was quite the good sport to do it along with me. πŸ™‚ Here we are on Monday though and I’m still pretty sore, mostly in my shins, glutes, and thighs. But, it’s going to get better every day.

Oh and the Pack won yesterday, so all is good. Now it’s time to get this work week started. Have a great day everyone!


3 Responses

  1. You are looking fantastic!

    I definitely would resynch your HM. I would imagine if it really was 240 that you would be feeling it.

  2. What a beautiful day! It looks/sounds like you had a great time πŸ™‚

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