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Finally Over

I’ve anxiously been waiting for weeks and weeks to write the next sentence:

Wedding dress shopping is complete!!!!

What a relief too! I probably tried on almost 4 dozen different dresses. I never want to try another dress on ever again. šŸ™‚ So here’s the story…

I had basically decided to pick one of the three clearance dresses I had found dress shopping on Friday. It was way, way too big but the lady who owned the shop was a seamstress and I had confidence she could slice and dice and still make it look OK in the end. However, the minute I left the store I started to doubt my decision again. My favorite dress actually was at the 2nd place we went to – it too was too big and would need some kind of straps added (this girl doesn’t go strapless). So instead I hunted around online looking at that designer’s various dresses and then calling everywhere to see if anyone had any of the 4 styles I was looking at in either a size too small to 2 sizes too big. Ironically, the place that had my favorite dress also had one of the 4 I was looking at – and no one else had any of them!!! So yesterday I packed up by myself to drive over and check it out.

This time I got a different sales lady and she was so sweet! I told her exactly what I didn’t want (corset back, pick-up, tons of ruffles or feathers, strapless, etc…) and then happened to glance over her shoulder at this dress on a very, very plus-sized mannequin and said “you know, something almost exactly like that”. So we pulled the dress off the mannequin, she clamped me in all over, and I quick called Mom to have her come over and take a look. We’re going back tomorrow to get the measurements and then order the dress. Hurray! You have no idea how good it feels to have that over and done with. Finally, I feel like I’m actually relaxing on my vacation!

Oddly enough, the weather this week has been absolutely perfect. Ridiculously warm for October. I got home from the bridal store, grabbed my textbook, and sat outside on the porch to study in the sunshine. All the trees look spectacular when the afternoon sun hits them.



I call this tree my Green Bay Packer tree because it looks green and gold:



Meanwhile, my vacation has been filled with way too many cups of coffee and lots of extra (and much needed sleep).



We started burning one of the little tea lights we picked up at the outlet mall, it smells so good but now I’m confused. I usually only burn candles around Christmastime so my mind is wondering why it’s not snowing and almost Christmas (although I love this weather so much better – 70’s and sunshine cannot be beat!!!!!!)



I got through my midterm last night in 8 minutes. It was all multiple choice, T/F, and fill in the blank. I either knew the answer or didn’t. The fill in the blanks killed me and I left a few questions unanswered but I think it should still be a passing grade. We’ll see.

Today I am turning my attention towards my other midterm. The take-home portion is due next Monday and then that day we have the on-site portion as well. Since we’ll be gone for part of the weekend, I figured I should start on it today.

Have a super-duper day everyone!!


5 Responses

  1. Wonderful!! Glad to hear you found the perfect dress for your special day. Good luck with your continued weight loss journey and hair loss issues. Enjoy the rest of the vacation.

  2. Yay! I am so glad you are happy with a dress šŸ˜€

  3. So happy that you found your wedding dress!! šŸ™‚ Sleep and coffee make the perfect vacation šŸ™‚

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