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Week 16 Weigh-In

Here we are at 16 weeks into my wedding diet. SIXTEEN! We’re now talking a solid 1/3 of the year. I have no idea where the time goes.

Weight-loss wise, I had a great week. I lost two full pounds – more than I’ve lost in the last 3 weeks combined. Back on track? Hoping so!

Week 16:

Pounds lost: 2.0

Total pounds: 35.8

Thirty-five+ pounds? Holy macaroni. It feels pretty good, I’ve gotta say. 🙂 Now to just keep plugging away, slowly but surely!

Last weekend was all about getting out of town and keeping my frazzled mind occupied with anything other than work. This past weekend though, I officially started vacation – which means I now have a full week to worry about anything other than work. 🙂 Love that.

I spent a whopping three and a half hours on Friday trying on every single wedding dress in a local store that was between a size two small and 2 sizes too big. What a lot of dresses! While I didn’t find a dress I absolutely fell in love with, I did find one (2 sizes too big) on a major clearance that could work. It’s amazing how I’m willing to lower my wedding dress standards when serious $$$ savings are involved. Ha Ha 🙂

But I definitely have a bridal line that I seem to keep being drawn to. So today my plan is to call around all the bridal places within an hour’s drive and see if anyone has any of the styles I’m looking at in stock. With my luck, they’ll have a size 4 or 8 and it won’t even be close enough to slip on. But… we’ll see. If no, I’m back to the Friday store and buying my budget dress!

I have a paper due for class tonight and my first midterm tomorrow night, so I’m going to be spending this morning seeing how much of that paper I can whip out. The plan is to get it done, then tackle the dress shopping, be home for lunch, and get in some mid-term studying before class tonight. Should be a packed vacation day. Actually, with all the school work I have going on, I’m not sure it will be that much of a vacation.

We didn’t do too much crazy stuff over the weekend but I did take my favorite guy out for dinner since I’ve been a crabby and stressed out monkey. Somehow he puts up with me even when I’m a crazy mess. ❤



Our noteworthy dinner around the house was taco salad. Ben added rice, black beans, and queso to his while I loaded mine on a plate of lettuce. Delicious for both of us!



We’re heading back to my Alma-mater for my 10 year college alumni weekend this Friday & Saturday. I’m pretty pumped about it too! We have floor seats to see “Little Woman” and are going to try their 5K run/walk on Saturday morning. Definitely a WALK for me but I’m working to convince Ben it’s OK for him to jog along ahead. Hoping for great weather!


4 Responses

  1. Your weight loss is right on. Averages to 2.2 lb. per week loss. I’ve heard a good weight loss is 1.5 to 2.0 per week. Will you continue with this diet until your wedding or do something different to maintain the loss? Good luck dress shopping – when you find the right dress you will know -you will go back to it time after time. Nice weather here heading your way – just a tad bit too windy today. Nice lower 70’s! Have a great day!

    • I don’t think I’ll stay on it until the wedding simply because it’s causing a lot of hair loss. Ideally I’d like to drop another 10-20 pounds (cause you gain some back right away when you phase off the diet) and then head back to the gym and try to tone. Need to have a few months to hope some hair growth comes back in time too!!! 🙂

  2. Heck yes!!!! You are doing so great! Hope you had a good alumni weekend!

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