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Trees are Turning

Happy Thursday!

Thursdays are one of my favorite work days of the week – probably because it means Friday is thisclose to being here! Who doesn’t like Friday, right?

I managed to crank out paper #3 last night and got it submitted online. My first midterm is this coming Tuesday and it’s closed book / closed notes, so I have a feeling I’ll be studying most of the weekend. The other midterm is MUCH longer and open note / open book. I almost think I’d prefer the quick multiple choice closed book to the two-part lengthy test. So we’ll see how they all go.

I’m starting to see some of the trees in our yard turning color. I wish the previous owners had planted trees that turned bright orange or blaze red – not the yellow and brown we have. If they weren’t already so large and established, I’d be tempted to remove them and plant something else. As it is, I’m still thinking about finding some place for a little tree. 🙂


I always take a picture of my neighbor’s little tree. It’s exactly what I want!! 🙂


My garden is drying up quickly and I keep checking every few days just to see where things are. I’m thinking in another week or two we’ll start bagging up all the dead plants and haul them to the city drop-off. I have a funny story, I planted 3 cantaloupe plants but only one really made it (and it was a runt of a plant). That particular plant only had one fruit and that fruit never grew very large. I saw the plant had really dried up so I picked the fruit and brought it in to show Ben before throwing it out. Isn’t it cute?


We left it on the counter for a couple days and it started to smell like actual ripe fruit, so I sliced into it to check things out. Here’s a baby cantaloupe:


50%+ seeds and rind 🙂 Cute though. I sliced it up into tiny slivers and let Ben eat it.


He said it really didn’t taste like anything at all even though it definitely smelled like melon. Pretty crazy. BUT that means that we got actual edible produce from every type of seed we planted. Hurray! I definitely think the peppers, cherry tomatoes, and zucchini were the best producers. I’d still like to try broccoli again and see if I plant earlier if we might get more.

I’m already missing my over-abundance of zucchini as well as no longer having the ability to pick sunshine-warm tomatoes off the vine. Spring planting feels a long way off right now. 🙂 More time to plan!

Tonight we’re going to a happy hour to catch up with some of my past co-workers. It’s always a great time and I love that we try and stay in touch. Then tomorrow’s FRIDAY!! Wooo

Have a great day everyone! 🙂


2 Responses

  1. We had big time t-storms here in southern MN tonight. Lots of lightening and thunder and heavy rain with wind. Lots of trees lost their leaves during the storms. Busy day for you today? How was your weigh today? Awesome?? Have a great weekend!

  2. I meant to say how was your weigh in today?

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