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Door County 2013

EIGHTY – it’s gonna be EIGHTY today. Woooo whoooo oooo

Can you tell someone is just a teensy bit too excited for this upcoming warm spell? Sure, it will only last through the work week, but I’m seriously pumped to sit outside after work and soak it up. Not much more of this weather is coming until next year!

So yesterday I promised a recap of the rest of my awesome weekend of relaxation. Ben and I went to Door County for the day. First stop: the corn maze!


Ben and I went a couple of years ago and tackled all three of the mazes. This time we decided to just complete the longest one and then head out. It was just as windy as it was the first time we went.


The corn is really fun to walk through and they give you nice colored maps. The only issue is I am absolutely terrible at navigating through the corn. Downright pathetic and directionally challenged. Luckily, Ben is a corn maze rockstar.



It’s important to get pictures taken from up on the bridge that overlooks the maze. Plus, with the wind whipping all over it’s almost freezing.





Once you get out of the cold and are walking through the maze, it was noticeably warmer. I took off my jacket only to discover all the corn I’d been wading through was super dusty and dirty. I didn’t have a white jacket after that!



Here’s the main entry way with entrances for all the various paths of the maze. You’d better get oriented before trekking into the corn!


Corn in the sunshine:


Wow, I can’t believe we took so many pictures!

Check out the roots on the corn…



They have goats on site too that people can pet. They walk right up to you looking for treats.




We were hungry after the maze and drove into Door County to locate some food. On the way we spotted the Door County Coffee store and decided to go in and get some coffee and eat inside. The place was complete chaos. We wanted some bulk coffee and you literally were wall-to-wall people all shoving and trying to get their beans and then grind them. Someone knocked Ben and he dumped his entire bag on the ground! After that we decided it was too stressful to eat there and we just packed up our non-spilled coffee and hit the road.

The weather was actually pretty nice for late September – even if it was a bit windy. The streets and shops were packed with people. We drove around for quite a while (with rumbly tummys) until we found a cute little restaurant that didn’t look packed. Actually, it was blissfully un-crowded and we got immediate seating!

044 043

We got a tiny table tucked into the corner so we could look out the windows and watch all the cars and people who passed by. Ben ordered this amazing baked french toast with pecans and Door County cherry sauce. It smelled unbelievable and Ben said it was incredible.


I won’t lie, it was painful watching him eat it! I went for the burger and salad – as usual. I was lean on veggies because they didn’t have anything you could order. Plus, the house salad was $8! Yikes!! Everything in Tourist Town is more expensive.


Ben’s parents texted us while we were eating and we all met up to check out a little outdoor craft fair. On the way we passed a bunch of people flying kites.

040 041

My pictures stop after that, but we went back to Ben’s parents’ camper and hung out for a bit and then met up with some of their friends for a wonderful dinner. I ordered a tenderloin with broccoli and helped myself to a big salad off the salad bar.

We left Door County about 9pm – right as the storm began. It was a pretty brutal drive back home. Thankfully Ben was driving because with the glare from the headlights, I basically couldn’t see a thing. Whoa!

It was WONDERFUL getting out and away from the house. I think I mentally needed to do something different and this was just what I needed. I feel a lot better this week and I know it’s because we had a nice and leisurely weekend.

Now it’s October and I can hardly believe it! October! I need to figure out what to tackle this month. 🙂


One Response

  1. I’ve done a corn maze once and it was fun! (I actually wrote maize LOL!)

    I can’t believe it is october, either.

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