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My Team Triumph & a Quick Trip

Greetings and happy Monday! It’s actually Sunday night and I’m beyond crazy-tired, but I have another insane day at the office planned and figured I’d get this post written and queued up so you would get to read all my latest and greatest news.

I made my last trip of the year to Wausau to spend the day with my friend Jeff. Jeff is the one who told me about Ideal Protein and I had to tell him how thankful I was that he suggested I look into it. I left Ben at home to mow the lawn and play his new video game and set out for the 2 hour drive.


I really do love this time of year. I saw some beautiful trees beginning to turn color along the way and tried multiple times (unsuccessfully) to shoot a picture with:

– my right hand

– not looking out the window

– not properly zooming

In short, I got many brilliant pictures of the sky and the pavement (ha ha) but not much in the way of colors. Still, you can get a general idea below.


There wasn’t much traffic either way and despite it being overcast with a few sporadic showers, the ride was pretty pleasant.

We agreed to meet at Starbucks for lunch and why I picked that place is beyond me. Not exactly diet-friendly for this girl. For whatever reason I got lost and my GPS said I’d arrived at my destination with no Starbucks in sight. No biggie, a quick call and we met a Applebees instead.

Cheeseburger with no bun, broccoli, and a side salad. Delicious!!

011 010

It was too cold to walk around the parks so we did some window shopping at the mall before deciding to find the Starbucks. Jeff had never been there before and I was determined to get him a cup of hoity-toity joe. 😉 It turned out that the Starbucks was just a drive-thru so we hightailed it out of town to the next nearest place and were able to walk in and give Jeff the full experience. We got our drinks and the sun popped out enough to make it pleasant to sit outside while we sipped. I got a sugar-free decaf cinnamon dulce latte and Jeff (who is not a coffee drinker) got the caramel apple spice. We clinked our cups together and determined both choices delicious!!


While I was gallivanting in Wausau, Alex and the rest of the family were in the Fox Valley for the My Team Triumph 5K run. Alex was participating as an Angel with his running coach and one of her daughters.


It was a nice tempo run for both Alex and his coach – both were set to run the full marathon the next day!


They had a great showing and were the 2nd My Team Triumph team to cross. Way to represent!

Alex was super excited and pumped for the marathon!!!


The marathon was Sunday morning so it’s over and done now. But it’s going to take me a day to digest it all and it definitely needs its own post. I’ll sum it up with two pictures: one is Alex at the very beginning of the race and the other is at the end…



Race recap coming tomorrow – stay tuned


2 Responses

  1. Oh no! I hope he is okay!

  2. Hope he’s ok and that was only a leg cramp. It looks like he crossed the finish though…don’t I see a medal?! 🙂

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