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Harvesting Time

Woo-Hoo – the end of the week is almost here! I’m at the point where I’m operating on auto-pilot. Ever have those rough patches at work were eveyone blames you for everything and no matter what you do, it’s never right? I’m working my way through that right now and it’s not pretty. Last night I was answering work emails until 8pm then switched to homework and got to bed around 3am. My 5:30am alarm was not a welcomed sound! I think this girl deserves an extra coffee today. 🙂 Mmmm coffee!

I took a picture of my breakfast and lunch for you today. Since I usually am scrambling in the morning (and tend to pretty much eat the same thing, I don’t often take a picture). I made myself a cup of coffee at home instead of waiting to buy some in the cafeteria at work. I needed the caffiene right away! My treat was some sugar-free whipped cream. Not allowed on the diet, but I am a rebel. 😉 Breakfast is a white chocolate raspberry Quest bar. I’ve been using some supplements for the Ideal Protein foods because they are so much cheaper. I still eat a ton of IP stuff, but some days I mix it up. Lunch is cauliflower and a premier protein chocolate shake.


Now that we’re starting to get the funkier temperatures (hot and humid during the day, freezing at night, etc…)  and I’ve detected some signs of morning frost, we thought it was time to grab whatever veggies were left in the garden and bring them inside. It was hot and humid last night but we were decked out in long sleeved shirts and pants to help with warding off the mysterious bug bites!

My favorite partner in crime:


We’d left a lot of the peppers to grow so we could get a variety of colors. A couple looked like they rotted before fully growing but overall we grabbed quite the haul – and I left the tiny ones still on the vine so we may potentially get even more!


(and another giant-sized zucchini – thought those were all done and over with!)

I’m totally loving the assortment of bright colors.


We used some of our peppers for dinner. I’m not sure why but eating veggies you grow yourself always seems to much more enjoyable. 🙂


Paired along with some locally grown broccoli and cauliflower and a chicken cordon blue chicken breast. Cheese is my downfall on this diet but I’m trying to moderate it and because it’s low-carb, I’m justifying it somewhat.

I have classwork for my online course tonight and then I’m going to try and puree all of our tomatoes and then store them in the freezer. The tomatoes are starting to get a bit too ripe so I need to get going on that soon or I’ll have to end up tossing them all. :/

I hear some thunder! Here comes the Thursday rain. Our lawn has never looked better this year. 🙂

PS Ben spotted a rabbit last night. Time to bait and set the traps again!!


4 Responses

  1. Is that a jungle gym in your yard – or is that the neighbors’?

    I have weeks like that at work. Even if I am not doing anything wrong, our office manager sends out emails yelling at all of us for a mistake one person made. It’s very frustrating.

    • No, it’s some kind of fort thing with a rusty metal slide. It is currently holding all the extra landscaping rocks and old wood at the bottom of the fort. I’m thinking it’s going to get ripped apart and thrown to the curb at some point. The bees get more use out of it than we do! 😉

  2. Another rabbit…oh my! Jealous of all of those pretty peppers!

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