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Riding the Hamster Wheel

Howdy folks! As I’m writing this, I’m staring out the window. It’s pitch black outside but I can hear a sprinkling of rain. Isn’t it amazing how quickly the days get shorter? I’m once again thinking of getting one of those lamps that gradually get brighter as you approach the time of day that you want to get up. It’s supposed to help your system rather than the shock of flipping on the light and squinting your eyes. 🙂

Before I hopped on my current diet, I tried to limit gluten and sought out alternatives. I’m a huge fan of oat flour replacing all-purpose white and love my quinoa/corn pasta blend over traditional pasta. But of course nothing is ever a PERFECT replacement; there’s usually some adjusting you need to make. For example, I know replacing white flour with oat flour will have a stickier end product. So I often reduce the liquid a little bit.

I’ve tried cooking with coconut flour a few times but never was able to really understand how that conversion worked. I found this little conversion chart and it was quite surprising. I know coconut flour is highly absorbant – but 1 cup to 1/3 cup ratio difference?

coconut flour

We’re in the tail end of the garden season. In fact, I think a nighttime frost is headed our way so I need to take out anything that’s left and bring it indoors. I am excited to say I picked the one broccoli that actually looks like a substantial piece of broccoli. Plus, another beautiful red pepper. I was so excited that my peppers grew so well this year!


I mixed it up a little the other night because I was running to class and needed to make some FAST dinner. So I cut up a bag of cauliflower and then made some delicious scrambled eggs. The cheese is a cheat – I use my super fine cheese grater. That thing is so amazing because you use less cheese but get fabulous coverage so it doesn’t feel like you’re skimping.


I’m in that weird school transition phase right now where I’m feeling totally swamped and behind on everything. I am SO, SO, SO relieved that we pushed the wedding. I can’t imagine the stress I’d be under right now if I was trying to make wedding decisions while all this is going on.

Classes seem OK so far – a lot of short papers to write but there doesn’t seem like a majorly evil group project paper this time around. Whew! I dodged a bullet there! Work is beyond crazy. I’m feeling a bit like I’m treading water and only getting a gulp of air every now and then. I’m hoping if I can hang in here another week, things will ease up a little bit. Please

With all the stress (despite good eating) the scale hasn’t budged this week yet. I’m not too worried. After all, you can only worry about so much in a week before you drive yourself nuts. I don’t need something to tip the apple cart, so to speak, so I’m just focusing on getting work under control and getting my immediate assignments submitted on time for class. The rest will fall into place. It always does.

Have a great day everyone!


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  1. I definitely made sure that our wedding will not be during the school year…no way, Jose!

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