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Dash for a Splash 2013

This year everything was a little different…

I only briefly thought about participating in the Dash this year. I’m sure I could have finished the race without a problem but I probably would have pushed myself too hard and I am not sure how my muscles would have reacted to the stress. My guess is I’d have been in cramp-city. So this year I went as a sideliner and cheered Alex instead.

They moved the date ahead one week (that’s going to be unfortunate if they have it this week next year). They also found a couple new organizers who teamed up with My Team Triumph. The event went from 50-some runners & walkers to almost 300. My little backyard event is growing!

(Alex is #22 in the orange)



Because this is normally such a small run, you see the same people from year to year. The guy in the stroller next to Alex always finishes first every year. No clue how he does it. It’s pretty amazing. His wife wins her age division each year as well. A couple years ago he was pushing two kids in his stroller and now he’s down to one. I think Mom said some of their children were old enough and running the 5K as well this time!

alex dash 2

The weather was about as perfect as you can get. Temps were barely 60 and warmed up once the sun came out. I was freezing at gun time but ended up taking my jacket off towards the end.

They also made this cool archway for the finish. I love the bright balloons!


We even had the participation of a rescue dog – completely decked out in her race day shirt.


In the past, the race was a little shy of a true 5k and this year with My Team Triumph’s participation, they reversed the course and added on to make it a “true 5K”. The runners said they were a little off and it was really 3.2 miles. Oh well. 🙂 So Alex ran in the opposite direction of the usual race course. Something different, right?

Finally, they used to award the medal finishers with an embroidered beach towel instead of medals. This year, the division winners took home splashy medals.

alex dash 1

All other participants got 5K ribbons. I want a ribbon!!! 🙂

Here’s Alex with some of his race friends. They all did great!

alex dash 3

Alex took first in his division. He was hoping for under 20 min but came in just over. Maybe if there hadn’t been that extra tenth of a mile tacked on he’d have done it. I love how he doesn’t even look sweaty afterwards. Ha ha. I suppose a 5K to Alex is like a walk in the park. Next Sunday he tackles his first full marathon. I can’t wait to cheer him on. 🙂

Ben spent yesterday tailgating in the rain and then watching the Packer game. Luckily the rain had slowed to mostly a drizzle as the game started and so he wasn’t soaking wet. The Packers won and managed to score a bunch of touchdowns so it was a great game for him to be at.

Ben’s view from his seats:


I’ve got class tonight and am crossing my eyes, toes fingers, and anything else I can think of in hopes that this week will be a bit smoother at work than last week. Not sure this girl can take another week of that!

Have a great week everyone. Bundle up – it’s chilly this morning!!




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