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Week 13 Weigh-In

Weekends feel soooo good, don’t you think?

I’m still recovering from an absolute crazy/insane week of work. To be honest, next week isn’t looking any better at the moment either. It always works out where you stay relatively un-busy for ages, almost looking for something to do, and then it all comes crashing in at the same time. Add school onto that and it’s been a crazy mess.

I have the windows cracked open because there’s a morning drizzle and it smells phenomenal. I love the smell of rain! The temps have officially moved into Fall weather and I’ve switched my shorts and tank tops around the house for zippered sweatshirts and lounge pants.

Temp inside the house this morning:



Brrr! Almost time to turn on the heat! Hard to believe. 🙂

Well here we are at week 13. I’m starting to notice more and more that my hair is thinning. I’ve been doing some research and think it may be a lack of B vitamins so I picked up some good ones yesterday. I don’t have thick / abundant hair to begin with so I’m a little concerned that I’ll be bald if I keep going with the diet for another XX number of weeks.

After my slice of birthday cake Heaven and subsequent 2.8# weight gain the next morning, I was expecting to spend most of this week taking that back off. That’s exactly what happened. Goes to show how one fun snack translates into a week of getting back on track. But I did finish the week with a loss (although it’s the smallest loss you can have). Still, we’re heading downward and I’ll give a thumbs up to that every time.

Week 13:

Pounds lost: .2

Total lost: 32.2

I had a couple great questions pop up in the comments this week about the diet and thought I’d answer them here in case others had similar questions. In case you missed my week 2 post talking about the diet a bit more in-depth, you can check that out for some additional info. The diet says people lose, on average, 3-5 pounds a week. Now men tend to be closer to the 5lbs and women closer to the 3lbs. Of course, you need to take this all with a grain of salt. Someone who weighs 130 pounds and is trying to lose 10 pounds probably won’t see anywhere close to 3lbs a week. Similarly, a guy at 350 pounds would most likely lose more than 5 lbs – at least in the beginning. My friend who did the program and told me about it lost 50 pounds in 8 weeks. Crazy, crazy numbers! However, he’s a guy and weighed more than me. Plus, I think the longer you’re on any diet, the slower the losses will become. Just remember, slow and steady wins the race.

Honestly now that I have more breathing room before the wedding, I’m not feeling the weight-loss crunch the way I was before. In fact, I’d rather see constant but slower progress to help minimize loose skin and all that not-so-fun stuff. So, this is working. Just need to get the hair loss thing under control. Or get a wig. 😉 (Just kidding…. maybe)

My garden is in the final end stages. The zucchini and squash plants are dying and crumbling up and I’m in the process of harvesting tomatoes and peppers.



I’m suspecting these little black spider guys are what’s giving me all those nasty, itchy bites. Can you spot the little guy on my cherry tomato?



My garden is bursting with wildlife though. I’ve spotted tons of crickets, moths, and bees:





They really seem to love my flowering broccoli. 🙂

I’m still seeing a few zucchini flowers though so we may get another couple zucchini yet. I’ve harvested over 30 from the 3 plants. Pretty impressive considering they didn’t have enough room to fully spread out and grow.



I’m also super excited to pick my red pepper.


For those who don’t know, green peppers turn red as they age. You can a whole slew of different vitamins and such when the color changes too. It’s pretty remarkable. I couldn’t believe I not only grew such big and beautiful peppers but that they survived long enough to change color.

I am getting a yellow pepper too!



Somehow I’ve always forgotten to show you my lone cantaloupe. I planted 3 seeds and only one grew into a sorry looking plant. From that plant, I only got ONE lone fruit that has been S L O W L Y growing at less than a snail’s pace. In fact, I bet it freezes before this guy is ready to pluck!



Hard to tell from the picture but that guy would fit in the palm of my hand. Plus, the vines are growing up the side of the bed and I was worried when it gets too heavy, it will break off and then begin to rot on the ground. Either way, I’ve been having fun watching him grow.

Ben’s off tailgating with his family before the game today. I’m hoping he took my advice and got himself a large coffee AND a throw-away rain poncho. He spent all day and night Friday helping move his office into a new building. He got home around 5:30am on Saturday and I know he’s probably a little immune-suppressed at the moment!

Go Pack – have a fabulous Sunday everyone!



4 Responses

  1. Hope the vitamins work! You are kicking butt, and enjoying yourself with treats, too…right 😉

  2. Wow – you are doing great! Is there any way you can add more fat to your diet at all? You might actually be getting enough vitamins, but without enough fat your body won’t be able to absorb them.

    • I have been adding some additional fat to this diet – not because of vitamin absorption (hadn’t thought of that!) but because it fills me up a bit more.

      I could try upping it a bit and see what happens. Thanks for the idea!

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