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Weight Loss Perspective

Have you ever had one of those weeks where each day feels like two days (or three?) and you are absolutely convinced the week is further along than it really is? That’s where I am today. I woke up yesterday and was positively certain it was Thursday.

And I’m behind on blog posting! (OK, I’m feeling a touch behind on everything)

I had an interesting experience earlier this week. My boss had been out of the office for a little over 2 weeks so on Monday I had a follow-up with her on where I was with work. As soon as I walked in she said “You look amazing!”. Honestly I was pretty surprised, a little flustered, and mumbled some kind of thanks.

Weight loss is such a funny thing. You see so many transformation before-and-after pictures that now it almost seems wrong if you notice someone is losing weight and don’t say anything about it. For me, I prefer to comment on clothes or accessories that I like and not mention anything about weight loss unless someone starts the topic. I guess if no one said anything, I could remain naive and blissfully ignorant that the reason no one was commenting was because I didn’t look that bad to begin with *cough*. Plus, to be honest, right now I’m not seeing much progress. Yes, my clothes fit better and I’m finally in a smaller size, but looking in the mirrow I’m not really noticing. Maybe because I see myself every day?

But no matter where you are in a fitness regime – whether it’s trying to lose a bunch of weight, tone your arms, or sculpt your abs, remember that patience wins in the end. If you’re the type to get pumped up by postive comments and feedback and you’re not getting it – you could be almost there.

I love this reminder that change takes time:

it takes weeks

I’ll no doubt sound like a broken record before all this is over but it’s worth mentioning again. When I started trying to lose weight way, way back in June (feels like forever ago!) I wasn’t sure what I’d be able to honestly and realistically accomplish. I’m sure many of you saw my 40lb weight loss goal and wondered if I’d even get halfway there before the wedding bells were chiming. BUT when there’s a time, a plan, and a motivator that click – you see great results. Even though it takes time, when you see the fulfilling progress it keeps you going.

We met with a potential wedding photographer last night and I think he is going to work out fine for us. He’s even cutting us a 10% off deal since we’re having the wedding on a Friday! All those little incentives really add up! We met at Starbucks and I told the barista to make me something that was sweet, sugar-free, and decaf. I ended up with a grande iced skinny cinnamon dolce decaf latte. I think I got that right. Those names are way too long! 🙂

And it was delicious. Oh Starbucks… if only you weren’t so expensive!!


I also am pretty sure I have my cake flavors and design figured out. I have been busy getting TONS and TONS of pictures for my baker though because I am combining elements from different cakes I’ve seen and I want to make sure she doesn’t end up with someone kind of tragic.

Case in point – I found this beautiful cake picture online. It’s perfect for a November wedding but not really what I’m going for in early Sept:

3 leaf cake

Elegant and sophisticated, don’t you think? Then I found this obvious copy – right down to the blue birds on the top…

8 leaf cake

I can’t get over how the leaves look like oddly colors fruit roll-ups. Not delicate anymore and there looks like some gouges on the cake too…

But, I’m in love with all things Fall. I am excited to shop the clearance racks after the season to see if I can find anything that would be interesting to use for decorations.

Bear with me please as I try and get back into some kind of routine. I’m reading all your blogs but haven’t had the time to post. I need to get caught up!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on weight loss. If you have lost weight or gotten in shape, did you enjoy comments from people or did they make you uncomfortable?


4 Responses

  1. You are doing great on this weight loss journey. What does the diet say you are suppose to lose on average per week? When I had lost 50 lbs. 4 years ago, I probably only got one positive response from one person (a relative, too) at how well I had done and looked nice. Some people don’t realize that the positive things said go a long way. How much have you lost now, after 13 weeks? Keep it up.

  2. Comments have always made me uncomfortable. Especially the really gushing ones because then you think what was their impression of you before? I finally just learned to say thank you and move on. Accepting the compliment is the hardest part. I do have to say, though, now that I have been at this weight for a long time, there aren’t many compliments anymore LOL!

    I like the fall leaves cake. We got married in the fall. Our cake was pretty plain looking, but we were okay with that since our budget was really small LOL!

    • I’m loving the leaves – it’s definitely something I want to incorporate in my cake 🙂 Funny too – because all my life I’ve been obsessed with sugar flowers in cake. This was a serious shift for me!

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