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Another Semester

I have exciting news!

I grew broccoli:


Ok, maybe the broccoli was a bit of a failure. I watched it keep fanning out but it never grew into a nice floret. Finally when it began to flower I figured I needed to pick it and then try and do something with it.

So it became part of my broccoli cheese soup – along with a side of mushrooms.


I’m a bit excited though because now I can say that I was able to eat every veggie I planted. I’d call year one of gardening a success! Would you believe I got over 25 zucchini ALONE??!!

Last night I was back in class. It’s a bit of a mental challenge to get into the school routine after being off all Summer. My Monday night class is a “collaborative” class – which means we have students in other classrooms on video listening and participating from various cities as well as students at home on their laptops with webcams and microphones. How things change!! It was really cool how they were able to do it but a bit distracting as well because the teacher had to turn around a lot to read test messages on the screen.

My second class is all online and I think I’m going to like only having to drive into class once a week. It should be an “easier” class – meaning I can read the book and discussion board and be just fine. Not the case with some classes like Finance or Accounting that you really need to be there doing the problems along with the teacher.

A couple weeks ago Alex PR’ed in a half marathon he ran as part of his full marathon training schedule. What was fun about this race is that they took TONS of professional pictures along the route that were free for people to download. I loved this picture of Alex crossing the finish line – he looks almost scary-intense! Whoa boy!

cheesehead run

It’s supposed to hit 90 today! Ugh – bring back my beautiful 71 degree weather from last weekend!! šŸ™‚

Have a FAB Tuesday everyone!!


2 Responses

  1. Wow – you were a veggie machine this year!

  2. Awesome job with the broccoli! And I agree about the weather…bring back some cooler temps.. It’s so hot and dry here in Arkansas. Ugh.

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