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Week 12 Weigh-In

Hey there folks, it’s been a crazy-busy weekend so my Friday results are a bit late.

With last week’s 4+ lb weight loss, I wasn’t expecting much this week. I was pretty excited to see I’d lost another 2.8 pounds though – bringing my 12 week total to an even 32#.

Thirty-two pounds in 12 weeks. It feels ridiculously good. Being just 8 pounds away from my initial wedding goal is incredible. I’m feeling much less pressure now that I have moved the date from May to September as well. Now I’m feeling like I have plenty of time to get everything done and it’s so much more relaxing. whew!

I had a ridiculously busy morning on Friday and didn’t do my usual blog before leaving to work in order to give me some extra time in the office. Still, I left later than usual and drove around tackling various errands.

It was Alex’s birthday and Ben and I offered to take him and Matt back to the Bar – where we went when Alex turned 21. How fast two years goes!


Something new – the birthday boy got his free drink & birthday mug AND a free shot of “birthday cake” something or other…


Bottom’s up!


Alex said it felt like drinking fire. I think he’ll stick to his water and Gatorade. 😉

The boys ordered burgers with delicious-looking french fries.


I went with a bun-less burger and a side salad. I passed on all alcoholic drinks and sipped water. The things we do right? Still – the food was great and the company made it even better. I don’t get much time with just the two boys anymore and I miss it!


Saturday I spent cleaning the house, doing laundry, and working on homework. Isn’t it kind of mean to give us nasty assignments the first week of class? 😉 I’m just saying. 🙂

We also went to the store THREE times trying to find some itch cream/spray/something to tackle the crop of bites that appeared on my legs. Ben had a few random ones on his arms but my legs were covered. We’re guessing they are from those tiny spiders that are everywhere right now. They are probably all around my garden. Each time I go out to pick something, I come in itching and scratching.


This number TRIPLED on Sunday and I have some bruising now from where I have been scratching overnight. Eek! It’s absolutely the most itchy bites I’ve ever had. We finally found some cream that seems to be helping but honestly most of yesterday I could barely handle the itch. It was so bad!

I’m now scared to go into my garden. :/

Mom and Dad were at a two day, all-day conference Fri & Sat so we celebrated Alex’s birthday formally on Sunday. The birthday boy requested his usual: chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and chocolate ice cream.


And this girl caved and had a big piece complete with a scoop of ice cream. I temporarily died and went to heaven! Delicious!


I regretted it afterwards though. I am NOT used to that much sugar or carbs. Whoa baby! The scale didn’t like it this morning either. I gained almost 3 pounds in one day. How crazy is that!? Hopefully I can quickly bounce back and not be up by weigh-in this Friday.

I have a CRAZY-BUSY week at work plus tonight is the first day for my on-site class. I’m feeling things will be a bit frantic the next couple weeks while I get back into the school swing.

Plus, the Packers lost their first game. 😦 Bummer – but my fantasy team had Peyton Manning and so I think I’ll at least win that one!

Off and running – happy itchy Monday!


6 Responses

  1. 32 pounds in 12 weeks! WHOA. I can’t wait to see my scale drop numbers instead of steadily going up up up. I swear this baby is going to be HUGE!

  2. Those might be gnat bites. They are awful around here right now.

  3. Congrats on another great week! You are awesome if you only caved once! 🙂 Totally worth it! Happy belated to Alex!

  4. That is so amazing!! You should be really proud of yourself! 🙂

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