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Where have all the rabbits gone?


Good morning and happy Tuesday-that-feels-like-a-Monday!

I’ve always found Memorial Day and Labor Day to feel particularly decadent. The three-day weekend always hold so many possibilities. Even if you just need some extra downtime, it’s hard to complain.

I’ve got a new bouquet of beautiful flowers. Those are my 30# flowers. 🙂 Even though I won’t officially weigh-in until Friday, I told Ben I hit that milestone and he went out and got those beauties. It’s a fun visual reminder.

What’s funny is how I’m seeing the changes. You would think having lost 30# I’d really notice it, but I’m not at that point yet. I take measurements weekly and oddly enough haven’t lost even 1/2 an inch on my arms. I did run to the store over the weekend and find a smaller pair of pants for work. The ones I had before were getting so baggy it was ridiculous! I’m thinking once I hit my 40# goal I’ll be at the point where I’m noticing it myself. It’s harder when you see yourself every day – you don’t notice the gradual changes as much.

Yesterday Ben and I kept super busy and yet the day was relaxing too. Ben tackled mowing the lawn and cleaning the garage, while I sorted, organized, and bought new plastic storage bins to help store my unwieldy supply of wrapping paper. It was much colder out – the high didn’t even hit 70 – and the overnight low was in the 40s. Brrr

It seems like it turned to Autumn overnight. Even my garden feels like it’s in the final stages. My zucchini and squash plants have started turning yellow even though they are still producing flowers and veggies.


I did, finally, get some broccoli to grow but it never was enough to pick and so I left it to see what would happen. The small amount just fanned out and is now turning brown. Whoops.


Another smaller one:


I’m not too concerned. At least I can say I grew broccoli, right? Plus, everything else in the garden did so well that I suppose it’s not too concerning that the broccoli wasn’t a total success.

Meanwhile – I’m still fixated on my tomatoes!

I love the little pops of red I can see from across the yard and there’s nothing I’m enjoying more than walking out to the garden and eating a handful of sweet tomatoes right there. Delicious! I’ll be very sad when tomato season is over. I’m getting addicted to those little guys!

Plus, we have TONS. I’ve been filling baggies and giving extras away to family and friends.


We still have tons of large tomatoes and I need to get started trying my hand at some fresh salsa. That’s the ONE thing Ben wanted from the garden, so I can’t disappoint!

The other day I mentioned to Ben that we haven’t caught (or seen) a rabbit in weeks. I KNEW there were two more lurking around but I couldn’t find them and nothing was being caught in the trap. Well, mystery solved! Ben was mowing the lawn and our next door neighbor walked by and they struck up a conversation. Apparently THEY have been catching rabbits all year too! Each were delighted to hear the other was helping as well. So together, we’ve drastically reduced the rabbit population in the area (at least for now). Hurray!

Meanwhile, we have a busy and fun week ahead. Tomorrow I’m meeting past co-workers for our monthly get-together, Friday is Alex’s birthday and we’re taking him out to dinner, and then Saturday Ben is swamped because his office is moving to a brand new building next weekend and he’s been busy setting up the server racks and all that technical stuff. 🙂

Have a wonderful short week!


3 Responses

  1. I hope fall hits here pretty soon. We are back into the high 80s and low 90s all this week 😦

  2. The tomatoes look gorgeous! We have a ton of little green ones. I’m not sure why it is taking ours so long to turn red.

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