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Rolling into the Fall

sept surprise


I’m already surprised. It was 80+ the last couple of days and today it is a chilly 61 degrees. Hello Fall!!!

Last Friday I went to to search for the perfect wedding dress and, again, ended up sitting in my car afterwards in tears. I’ve decided to shelf trying on dresses for the next week or two and then go back with (hopefully) a fresh set of eyes and a fresh perspective.

This weekend I’m trying to tackle organizing my mountain of stuff in the “white” room of our house. It’s become the dumping ground for things that need to be sorted through… but most of the time we just keep putting things in the room, closing the door, and never getting around to doing anything. It’s really becoming an eyesore.



Most of the stuff actually is clothes. I have a really hard time parting with clothes even though 90%+ of my wardrobe hasn’t been touched in 5+ years and of that, 75% probably isn’t even the right size. Still, I struggle with donating brand-new, expensive items still with the tags on. However, I don’t have the time to package stuff up and try and sell it somehow. So, it sits. And sits.



I figure I’ve got to be able to at least weed the less-nice stuff out and get a bag filled with that. Baby steps right? So the plan today is to organize and tackle what I can.

Last night we went over to see my family for a late night fire by the river and a few fireworks. My parents have a really beautiful view!



Dad has the retaining wall lined with tiki torches to keep the mosquito away and it worked really well.ย 



I had bought a few mixed fireworks a couple years ago and they’ve been sitting in the basement… we figured it was time to use them! We had just enough for a fun show and I was happy that several we picked were really big, loud, and colorful. Lots of crackle and color ๐Ÿ™‚

Not that I can get a good picture on camera though ๐Ÿ˜‰



Last night I made some beautiful side salads for dinner. We’re not big salad people but we have lots of fresh veggies and need to find diverse ways of eating them so it doesn’t get boring. I took leaf lettuce, peppers and cherry tomatoes from the garden, and red cabbage. Excellent!




Ben cooked some beautiful strip steaks and we tried our hand at cauliflower “mashed potatoes”



All we did was cook the cauliflower till tender and blend it with a little butter and milk. The result looks shockingly similar to potatoes – but lacks flavor. Definitely something to play around with – maybe add some garlic or cook in chicken broth. Can’t wait to try again!

As much as I absolutely adore the Fall, I am a little sad to see summer wrap up. It means we’re one step closer to another long winter. I have all my textbooks ready to go and my first class starts on Thursday. Can hardly believe it! But we’re going to make the most of the nice weather while we have it!


out aug in sept


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