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Fresh veggie wonder

Lately I’ve found myself obsessed with my garden and thought it would be fun to post some of the ways I’m getting in my daily veggie allotment.

But first, I wanted to thank everyone for their comments on yesterday’s post. Sometimes I wonder about posting things that are highly emotional and private but in the interest of making this an honest blog – I think there’s value in showing the good, back, and ugly. I never got those blogs where everything was shiny, sparkly, and perfect all the time.

I do have another dress shopping appointment scheduled for Friday. This next place supposedly has a more private individual changing room so I won’t have to be out in the open. I’m nervous, of course, but will search their website for some styles I like and bring those along with me.

Ok, back to the veggies. Every time I run out to the garden to hunt for beans or devour cherry tomatoes warm off the vine I think about how much I want fresh fruit too. This girl is never satisfied! 🙂 I also want to expand the garden – poor Ben is terrified – but I think we’ll try and tackle one thing per year.

Mom gets weekly organic veggies from a local farmer and we swap greens back and forth. It’s perfect because I’m keeping her stocked with zucchini, yellow squash, cherry tomatoes, and anaheim peppers and she’s giving me onions, broccoli, and sunflower sprouts.

Which we’re making into ridiculously amazing salads.


I went over last night to swap the latest veggies and Mom whipped together an amazing salad with some organic turkey and ham on top. I added some low-carb roasted red pepper dressing and a few hard boiled eggs for added protein.



We’ve also had plenty of zucchini – in just about every way you can prepare it!


I’d never had broccoli sprouts or sunflower sprouts until this year and I love them both. They make fun additions to salads rather than your typical lettuces.


The only thing I’m still missing out on is the fresh fruit. Mom sent us home with these deliciously ripe cantaloupes that I could smell a mile away and Ben’s been happily munching away on them. Carb count is too high for me to eat them on my diet. Bummer – but sacrifices must be made! 🙂


Has anyone discovered a new veggie or a new way of preparing an old favorite this summer? Let me know!


2 Responses

  1. Ali, I was thinking about your dress thing. Have you actually thought about breaking rules and wearing a pantsuit? Obviously it would be a less formal wedding, but you might feel more comfortable in that and enjoy the ceremony more. Just a thought.

    • You know, I actually did think about a pantsuit. It makes a lot of sense except that I am way too preoccupied by what people think – which always trumps what I want. So I’ll wear some silly dress and slap a smile on my face and it will all work out in the end. 🙂

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