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Back in the football swing

Today’s the first day of school for some of the local kids around here. I never understood why all the schools don’t start at the same time – but I’m feeling for those that are standing at bus stops this morning. It’s thick, humid, and the high is supposed to reach 93. Not exactly the semi brisk back-to-school weather I remember as a kid.

This is take-your-kid-to-the-beach weather!

It was a bit of an odd weekend. We packed in a ton of stuff and all the while I was trying to recover from an extremely sore neck and shoulder strain/pull/something. I was fortunate to get an appt with my massage therapist right after work on Friday and dashed over. She said my neck was too far forward and kind of collapsing, which was what caused the pain and strain. No doubt from all the desk sitting and computer game playing.

All weekend I swapped out cold ice packs and liberally smothered myself in various rubs to try and help.


I then dashed off to David’s Bridal to meet my mom and make my first attempt to find a wedding dress. What a surreal experience. This is a somewhat hard thing to put into words and I probably need an entire post JUST to gather my thoughts. My mom took pictures of me in 6 different dresses and we completely rejected 2, so I’ll get one of the rejects and walk you through my thoughts tomorrow.

At the bridal store Mom gave me last-minute tickets to the Packer preseason game. Who can turn down free tickets? My uncle recently joined the season ticketholder list and couldn’t make that game, so he overnighted the tickets so they wouldn’t go to waste. Ben and I grabbed another couple and drove over to Lambeau to experience the richness that is the Packers. 😉


They have been doing some extensive renovations – notably adding a bunch more seats to the South End Zone and thereby creating the complete full football stadium “bowl”. We were in the South area but just below the newly added areas. Still, a quick flip around in my seat and I could see the new section.


Both of the jumbotrons are massive. You can see them from miles away and they are so big I found myself watching the plays on them because I could judge distance easier than trying to watch the field.

The north end zone:


I always like it when they fill the stadium with balloons!!! 🙂


Reminds me a lot of the pre-season game Ben took me to on my birthday a few years ago.




The happy Packer fans:


Ben has tickets to two more upcoming games and I may tag along for one of those. If I go again, I’m definitely renting one of the chairs for my seat. With my already sore neck, sitting without any back support for hours on end made things even worse.

We spent Saturday night at Ben’s aunt and uncle’s surprise 40th wedding anniversary. I didn’t know too many people but I figure many of those present will be at our wedding, so that was a good time to try and match names with faces. I’m getting there!

Ben’s folks gave me my birthday present. Ben’s mom went all over Door County trying to find me a coffee mug that I could read while holding in my left hand. Sounds funny – but if you’re a lefty then you know what I’m talking about. Success!


The picture is on both sides so it works for a lefty and righty! (What do you think of my massive zucchini in the background? How do they grow that fast!!??) They also gave me a gift card to Christopher & Banks – my favorite clothing store. Just in time to maybe find some fun outfit for engagement photos??

Speaking of which – I’m starting to stress about finding a photographer. If we want Fall photos – I’m thinking we should have booked someone MONTHS ago. Oops. :/

Back tomorrow with the wedding dress details. Stay cool all.



3 Responses

  1. Free Packers tickets are something you always drop everything for!! Not that exciting of a game, since it’s preseason and all… But being in Lambeau is always awesome!!

    PS – I was driving home from the store today, and I passed your brother walking on the side of the road. He looked exhausted… but that’s to be expected since it’s disgusting out!! Talk about commitment!!

  2. I saw this pregame on TV and thought about you being in the stands!

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