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Week 10 Weigh-In

Thank goodness it’s Friday!

I’ve been checking my email literally every hour since yesterday morning checking to see if my massage therapist could squeeze me in for an appointment. By “squeeze in” I mean bump or reschedule someone else. She has her own practice at home and has lots of clients who come in weekly at a set time, so I was hoping one of those might be able to move to a later date so I could get in. Lucky me – she can get me in right after work today!! Hurray!!!!!!!

My neck and shoulder are still feeling pretty sore and tense. I walked around all last night with my ice pack strapped to my shoulder and that did seem to help. I’m hoping she can figure out what muscles I torqued and get em back to where they should be.

I’m happy that my brief off-plan cake indulgences only resulted in a .6 gain – so I’m sitting right at an even 25# down again. 25 in 10 weeks – still pretty fab in my book. I’m betting that if I’d weighed in a few days ago it would have been much higher so I’m glad I bounced back as quickly as I did. Here’s hoping I can keep chugging along strong.

Ok… I have a confession. 🙂 A few years back I was a Mafia Wars / Cafe World addict on Facebook. Terrible games – do NOT play them! You will get hooked and spent countless hours per day checking your stoves for spoiled food or begging your Facebook friends for random parts. I felt like I had SO much more time once I cut both games out and I blocked every other game to avoid temptation.

But over the months I’ve heard so much about this “Level 65” in Candy Crush that’s supposedly so hard to beat. Which is how it all began.

candy crush

The guy’s voice in the game is pretty creepy and it’s terribly frustrating for me because I spend days trying to pass even one level – and I’m only on level 34! Sheesh. Is it luck or skill? Does anyone else play Candy Crush?

I’m biting the BIG bullet and trying on wedding dresses today. I’m super reluctant/nervous but I just want the first trip over and done with. However – if I make it through that without incident – we got free tickets to see the Packer game tonight. Very exciting!! It’s a later preseason so the better players will be out longer, which is much better. Weather should be great. I can’t wait!

Have a FAB weekend!


3 Responses

  1. Hope your chiropractor did you some good!

    I refuse to play any games on FB. I can’t risk getting involved when I do all my work on the computer 😀

  2. Yay for a great weigh in! It took me WEEKS to beat level 65! but i did it!!!!

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