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Is Cake Overload Possible?

Oh boy – all this sugar is giving me the shakes. 🙂 It’s been over 2 months since I’ve eaten actual sugar or mass carbs and I can tell. When I woke up yesterday morning my tummy felt a bit wonky. I packed up my usual breakfast and lunch foods and headed to work.

Several years ago (2004 or 2005 I would guess) I signed up on a local radio station to get their newsletters and emails. That also qualified me to be in their weekly birthday drawing where I actually won a birthday cake! It was years ago and since then I lost my job, spent 3 months unemployed, and found my new and current job that I’ve been at for 4 1/2 years.

Yesterday morning I was checking email at work when a mysterious local number flashes on my caller ID. It’s the same radio station – and I won the weekly birthday cake again! They’d called my mom and dad first because I must have updated my work number when I was unemployed and living with them… and never changed it back. Ha ha! So around 9:30 the flashy radio van drove up and I got to talk to the local DJs and receive my sheet cake.



I emailed everyone I work with in the office and had people stopping by all day for slices of cake. It was a riot! Then, about 10:30 the front desk called again and said there was something else waiting for me at the entry:



Flowers with a happy birthday balloon from my sweet fiancee ❤

Talk about a super birthday!

Now I want everyone to know I did really well breathing in the fresh cake aroma all morning and all through lunch. But, by the time 1:30pm rolled around I caved and dug in.

Not one piece, but two! And then I took the cake home and cut another piece!! I tell you – no willpower. This girl loves her sugar. 🙂 I cut a slice for Ben and then packaged the rest off and dropped it off with my family. It’s better to have it out of the house.

We spotted Alex jogging down the road and gave him a lift for the last 2 miles. He then was kind enough to take our traditional birthday picture:


Ben picked out a supper club 30 minutes away that neither of us had ever been to – and it was perfect. I think we’ll definitely be back!

We both ordered the garlic stuffed tenderloin. I skipped a fancy drink and went with water but did eat a slice of bread AND half of my garlic mashed potatoes




We have our final cake tasting tonight. I must admit, I’m feeling a little caked-out. It’s probably all the sugar and not being used to it. But – this was a planned diet “outage” so to speak – which is why I scheduled the cake tastings so close together. Thought it best to do them, enjoy them, and get back to the losing weight thing right away after.

I’m expecting to be up a few pounds at weigh-in this week, and I’m OK with that. What’s going to be important is to make sure I buckle down and get right back on track. I’ve still got a long way to go with the weight loss and I know it will be even harder if I don’t jump right in again.

But for tonight, I’m going to live in the moment and enjoy the cake tasting. We got to pick 5 flavors to taste and I’m most excited to try the blackberry lemon. How wild does that sound?

Have a great day everyone!


5 Responses

  1. Happy Late Birthday!

  2. How lucky you are, winning that cake! Amazing. 🙂
    Enjoy more cake tasting. You’ll only do it once anyway.

  3. Happy birthday to you! What great surprises 🙂

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