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Birthdays and Cake Tasting


I’m a little sad to see the fabulous weekend wrap-up because we had fabulous weather and had some fun stuff to do as well. But, Monday is here and as always, it’s a great time to reflect on the weekend.

On Friday I set out to get some errands done and saw an unusually large group of people flocking to the local chocolate store. I guess they were handing out coupons good for free items or discounts to the first 100 people. I walked inside, got a coupon for $5 off of $10 and decided to bring chocolate in for my team today.

Then I went to Ulta – we’ve had the store open for a year and I’ve yet to ever walk in – and I picked up some shampoo my friend Mel insists I try. I also stopped by the health foods store to pick up some more english toffee stevia. SweetLeaf doesn’t seem to carry that flavor anymore and it’s my FAVORITE for coffee at work!

My goods:


My family invited us over on Saturday for some pre-birthday celebrating. So we spent Saturday morning doing some random projects. Ben has started tackling the porch project. We bought paint stripper and have learned they had SEVERAL coats of paint on the deck – so it’s taking longer. I kept walking out to take pictures of the progress but Ben kept shooing me away saying he was taking plenty for me. Here is the “plenty”:


That’s it! LOL Ok, I’ll have to take a few quick snaps of the other side so we can have some decent before and after shots to share once it’s all done! Sometime during this project, Ben felt his back seize up, so we gingerly packed up his tools while I wandered into the garden to put a basket of veggies together for the family.

And somehow, despite my BEST efforts, I missed two baseball bat sized zucchini. Honestly, where do those suckers hide!!??


Up close garden goods:


Hurray for garden-fresh produce!

We got to the family’s house and spent a few hours playing karaoke. Dad cooked up two kinds of steak and mom made a wonderful salad with broccoli sprouts, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, and spinach. There also was some super sweet-smelling cantaloupe (I miss fruit!) and I ate my weight in sauteed mushrooms.


I will admit I indulged in a slice of birthday bars/cake. Mom was trying a new recipe for carrot zucchini bars with my whipped cream cheese frosting. Couldn’t resist!


We went a bit overboard on the ratio of frosting to bars – just the way I like it. Ha Ha!

But just to keep it real, sometimes the family gets too giggly and accidents happen…


Ha! Love it! 🙂

The birthday girl and her favorite man:


My birthday wasn’t until today but with everything we’ve had going on, it was nice to celebrate with the family a little early!

Last night Mom, Dad, Matt, and Ben tagged(?) along with me to the first of two cake tasting events I signed up for. We had 12 different flavors to sample and I tried 11of them. This week was a planned diet departure to accomodate cake tasting and birthday bliss! Some of my favorites were a white almond strawberry swirl cake, a lemon poppyseed with lemon curd filling, and a buttermilk white that was so light and fluffy it literally melted in my mouth. We also tasted pistachio, a chocolate andes mint, chocolate amaretto, carrot (Ben’s favorite), a cookie dough, an oreo, italian cream, and raspberry graham. I skipped trying the red velvet because I was caked-out (major sugar overload for a gal who hasn’t had sugar in over 2 months!!) and I also couldn’t envision a red velvet cake.

Our next tasting event is on Tuesday so hopefully by the end of the week we’ll have our bakery figured out and can cross it off the grand list of to-dos.

Meanwhile, I’m off to check on Ben and see how his back is doing. I bought him a strap-around ice pack for his back and some Biofreeze which has helped. He was in rough shape yesterday so I’m hoping his feeling a bit better. Then, it’s off to work!

Have a super-fabulous day!


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  1. Happy Birthday! It sounds like a good celebration. And can one ever *really* go overboard with the frosting to cake ratio? I think not.

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