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Having Fun with the Garden

It’s been a fun time of the year for my garden. We’re at the point where I can walk out every other day to check on things and I always bring a bowl along for whatever produce I spot. Last night’s haul was a summer squash, zucchini, green beans, and a bunch of ruby-red cherry tomatoes.


My regular tomatoes haven’t even begun turning orange yet – let alone red. But I have a feeling once they do we’re going to be overwhelmed with tomatoes in the house. Initially I had planned to can a ton of tomato puree/sauce but a co-worker told me that unless you have a pressure canner, the risk of bacteria is way too high. Anyone know anything about canning tomato sauce? I’d love some advice!!

Oh and if you have a favorite salsa recipe, I could use those too. Ben is itching for batches of salsa!!

While we wait for your input, we’ll just sit back and amuse ourselves…


Last night I wanted to use up one of the large zucchinis that have been sitting in the bottom rack of the fridge. Ben is not really a zucchini fan so I thought I’d try and come up with something a little different. Can you roast zucchini?

I gave it a try – but the results were pretty mushy and anything on the far edges were a bit more charred then I would have liked. The semi-crispy pieces were actually really good though -making me think dehydrated zucchini chips might be good.


We ended up serving the zucchini alongside garlic & onion turkey burgers. Hurray to be back grilling!


My roses are still looking beautiful and vibrant. It’s been almost 2 weeks and they still are looking great. Not bad for the $5.99/doz special!


I do think the trick is to buy ones that haven’t fully opened. Then you get to enjoy a bit longer as they spread out and open up before crisping up.

The days are getting shorter folks. Make the most of them!


Oh and send me your canning / salsa tips and recipes!! šŸ™‚


4 Responses

  1. Garden goodies look so fresh and good.
    Unfortunately, no tips on canning. If I make a big batch of pasta sauce, I simply freeze it. If you do that, make sure to freeze it in large freezer safe plastic bags, laid flat. It makes defrosting so much quicker.

  2. Mmmmm homemade salsa!!! Sometimes, I roll my zucchini/squash in paper towels before roasting if it’s really moist. We roasted some today and it was awesome!

  3. Do you have a spiralizer? That would be fun to do with the zuch as pasta.

    I know that Biz (mybizzykitchen.com) has some salsa recipes on her blog.

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