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2013 Nitelite Shuffle

Brrr-brrrrrr. Holy cow, it feels like it turned into Fall seemingly overnight. Yesterday was the first morning where I woke up and felt it was noticeably darker and much, much cooler. This morning when I woke up, the temp in the house was 61. Yowzers!

I paddled around the kitchen in one of Ben’s sweaters and some slippers while I packed my breakfast and lunch. While I definitely like it when the temps are in the 70s during the day and drop to cooler temps overnight, for some reason this latest cold front has felt particularly chilly.

Was thinking of changing my blog to be calld “All About Alex” because the guy has WAY more cool things worth blogging about. He signed up last minute for another 5K run and it was interesting enough to blog about. It was the first (annual?) nitelight shuffle. It was in Green Bay and the runners got to wear glow sticks and run in the evening.

Alex signed up with a friend of his. They’re both training for their first marathons in Sept and are planning on running together. They have similar paces so it’s worked out really well and who doesn’t like having a training buddy!?

(PS If anyone in the GB area wants a “running buddy” who cannot run, let me know. Ha! 🙂 )


I think they said about 750 runners showed up for the race and there were all kinds of neon colors, glo-sticks, and funky attire. I don’t know about you but I think shaking it up with a nighttime run is an awesome idea!


The course weaved back and forth across two of the main bridges.


Of course, there is always some “minor” snag with a first-time running event. In this case, no one checked the schedule for the bridges and the runners were held up while the birdges lifted TWICE for boats to pass underneath!


There were huge pile-ups of runners which meant no one could get an accurate time. Plus, with the large break in between, most people who did stop and start their watches were much faster because they had time to rest before the finish.


Alex said one guy was WAY out in front of everyone up until the final boat passing but wasn’t as fast of a sprinter and ended up crossing 2nd overall. Had he not been held up, there’s no way anyone would have caught him. But, those things happen and no one seemed too bothered. Learning experience right?


I know how serious runners are about pace and time and all that but I know a more relaxed run was probably good for Alex. Maybe for some of the other athletes too.

I’m thinking this is exactly the kind of 5K I want to walk in. Heck, I’d LOVE a nice break twice along the route to catch my breath. Might even be able to tackle a little more jogging along the course because of it! 😉 Someday…

Hurray for Wednesday. Don’t know about you, but this week is cruising right along. I’m excited because we have TWO cake tastings set up for next week. Mmmm cake!!!!!!


3 Responses

  1. IT was chilly here today too! Interesting..but great for a bike ride 🙂 I love night time races! And Alex seemed to have crushed it! You should do the next one with him…a walk/run maybe??

    • Ha – Alex WALKS faster than I can even jog. It’s kind of creepy. A few years ago I asked him if he wanted to walk with me while I ran/walked and within the first 2 minutes he looked at me – while I gasped for air and staggered along with a red face – and asked “Can’t you run longer? no pain, no gain”!!

      Never again… 🙂

  2. Maybe Alex should start his own blog LOL! I love the cooler weather, although it is a reminder that winter looms.

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