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The “Ultimate” Lambeau Leap

Just when you think you’ve heard everything…

Something new comes around – you know, like rappelling off of Lambeau Field.


I’m not crazy enough to do such a thing, but you’d better believe my thrill-seeking brother Alex was! His employer sponsored both him and a co-worker to take part in the Special Olympic event. It was a full day of watching people work their way down the side of the building, but Alex was the second to last team to go down, which meant I could leave work, drive over, and make it just in time to see him begin!

They give every “leaper” an orientation with instructions before they begin. While we were watching them get harnessed and ready to go, a lady mentioned that the hardest part is to get over the first little jut at the very top of the building. I’m tragically afraid of heights so I’ll readily admit I was more than fine being a spectator for this!



We joke that Alex is a bit of a thrill-seeker. That or he’s a little crazy 🙂


Each person has a walkie-talkie strapped to their chest so the people at the top and the people at the bottom can talk you through if you get scared or stuck. Plus everyone cheers encouragement along the way.


They both stayed close together and went down at the same speed. Matt took video coverage of the entire thing (LOL) and it took about 13 minutes for them to work their way down to the bottom.



When Alex finished his co-worker mentioned they should try skydiving next. Oh brother.


Smiling with their medals.


My poor mother – this she had no problem with but I’m not sure she’s liking the idea of the skydiving!!


Alex has just over a month of training left before his first full marathon. He’s hoping to finish in under 4 hours. When Alex ran his first half marathon 4 (maybe even 5) years ago, I always thought that I’d run my first half the year he ran his first full – and that my goal would just be to cross before him!! Ha Ha Goes to show how time passes if you’re undisciplined! Heck, I’m still working on running my first mile. Hopefully when I’m done with this diet the lower weight will help me get going running.

Congrats Alex! You are such a daredevil!


5 Responses

  1. Gahhh! I could never do that. I could never sky dive either LOL! I am not fond of heights 😀

  2. CRAZY!!! Just plain crazy (lol). I could never do anything like that because I deathly afraid of heights. I can’t even look out my second story bedroom window without fealing dizzy. I also realized that I’m deathly afraid (Im talking crazy lady afraid) of the ocean. I thought it would be a fun adventure to take my husband on a kayak tour of sea caves in San Diego only to realize that tipping out of the boat could cause major marriage damage. Kudos to my husband for letting the insanely mean and nasty words that came out of my mouth for the next 2 hours just slide of his back. We finally made it to shore and he hugged me and laughed. Yes, he laughed at me and I cried. I still like going to the beach but only to my knees 🙂

    • Wow Sherri – major kudos to you for trying kayaking even given your fear of the water! It’s great that you and the hubby were able to laugh about it afterwards. 🙂

      I don’t like walking up observation towers made out of wood. I always wonder if they are checked for stability, etc… Rappelling would definitely be out for me!

  3. I am so jealous of Alex’s life! He does the coolest things in the entire world! That is so freaking cool!!!!!

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