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Week 8 Weigh-In

Happy beginning of the week to you all. We’ve got some serious morning fog going on. I can’t even see the end of the driveway! I’m a bit late in summing up this past week’s weigh-in info, but better late than never!

Still chugging away after wrapping up EIGHT weeks on this diet. Another 1.8# lost this week bringing my total to an even 24#. By next week, I’ll be over 25! Can’t wait! It’s so weird when you’re on a diet and “on a roll” so to speak because each time you step on the scale, it’s a little surreal. On one hand, I always want a bigger number – but I realize that I am not following the diet plan 100%. The weight loss isn’t easy either. I’ve had more cravings for no-no food than I can count, but the goal is always in the forefront of my mind. With time ticking down until the wedding – I can’t really afford to approach this with a lackluster attitude. It’s all or nothing baby.

Of course, the little cheats are in the way of salad dressing, whipped cream, and cheese – the occasional things I allow myself to keep some sanity throughout this process. Even then – I don’t allow myself much and usually as a special treat or reward. I’m OK with smaller losses each week while allowing myself a these small treats. They help make up for the lack of fresh fruit (I’m talking about YOU Georgia peaches!!), ice cream, and other summer snacks I’ve been missing out on. But with each good decision I make, I know I’m getting closer to my end goal.

Last week was an odd week because Ben was in Chicago for a training class. It’s been a long time since I had a whole week all to myself. I almost didn’t know what to do so I spent most of the time lounging about, reading, and putting in extra hours at the office. The vegging was the best part though. 🙂


Friday night was the start of the Green Bat Packers football season. Seriously – football season already!? As much as I LOVE football, it’s hard to think it’s here already – a sign that summer is wrapping up and we’ll soon be greeted with shorter days, crisp air, and the rustling of leaves on the ground. Most people I talk to say how they always remember summer being super short but when I was a kid, summers were delicious and infinitely long. It was day stretching after day of running around, exploring, bike riding, and collecting the yellow tops off dandelions. It wasn’t a well-played day unless you collapsed at the dinner table with sand in your hair and grime on your face. After cold showers and scrubbed faces we kids would hop into bed and Dad would sit on the chair in the hallway – where we all could hear him from our respective rooms – and he’d read Beverly Clearly books or the Chronicles of Narnia.  I almost ALWAYS fell asleep before he finished.

Oh, to be a kid again. 🙂

So football season is here, summer is wrapping up, and my garden is in full swing. I picked the first peppers and yellow squash this weekend!


That makes 2 peppers, 2 squash, 16 zucchini (omg!), and 3 large handfuls of beans. 🙂 Not too shabby!

Ben got home late Friday while I was cleaning the kitchen and watching the pre-season football game. Boy was it nice to have him home AND he passed both his Friday tests and walked away with 2 certifications. I am soooo proud of him. He was studying like crazy and more than half the people in his class didn’t even pass the FIRST of the two exams. In fact, one guy in the class was taking it for his 3rd try.

That meant my Sunday night was spent making treats for Ben to bring into work. His team was working long hours due to the storms (apparently there were 5 tornadoes in all) and so it’s a good time to bring in some snacks. Since Ben got his two “red hat” certifications, I made red velvet cupcakes for him to bring in. Bonus? I can’t stomach the thought of eating all the red dye and hydrogenated oils so wasn’t tempted to nibble even the slightest bit. Had I been making chocolate chip cookies? Well… let’s just say it’s good to avoid the temptation. 😉


The weekend weather was perfect (although a little rain would have been ok 😉 ). We’ve been noticing that the paint on our back deck is starting to seriously chip. I’m thinking this will be our next fix-it project.


It might be more difficult than we think – simply because they spray-painted the original paint on and I’m not sure how we’d scrape off the paint you can see in between the sides of each plank. Oh well – in the meantime we borrowed my dad’s pressure washer and gave everything a good wash.


We got rid of lots of dust and grime.

Last night was back to grilling out. We did chicken bratwurst and the usual veggies. I didn’t grill at all the week Ben was gone so it was nice to get some grilling going right away. I’m determined that we’ll be grilling out way into Winter. 🙂


Oh – and I hopped on my bike for the first time in months. I covered just short of 3.5 miles and with a few serious hills in there, it was tougher than I thought it would be. Whoa baby! Felt great being out and biking though but I definitely notice how much less energy I have compared to last year.

Ok off to work. Start your week off great everyone!


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  1. Way to go! We have a back deck (ledge, really) that has slats like that. You can use a taping knife to scrape what pain you can as it will slide down between the slats, but you just can’t get rid of all of it. Just paint it thoroughly and hope for the best LOL! We need to do ours again as well.

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